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IFDA – The Food Service Trade Organization


IFDA is the world’s premier foodservice trade association, representing over one million professional kitchens through its membership companies.

American wheat farmers need international markets. Additionally, domestic demand should also be encouraged.

Connect with other food service professionals and industry experts at these events – whether in person or virtually.


IFDA is the premier trade association representing food service distributors. Representing over 300 billion in annual sales volume, they play an essential role in driving economic growth in America. Members include broadline, system, and specialty distributors who supply professional kitchens such as schools, hospitals, hotels, long-term care facilities, military mess halls, and colleges with food products.

IFDA was founded as the National Wholesale Grocers Association in 1906 to advance industry issues and serve as a forum for discussing any concerns within its membership. Its primary aim was to represent food service distributor views to government bodies while serving as an informal social forum.

Over time, NWGA joined other retail associations to form the National-American Wholesale Grocers Association, and in 1969, the Institute for Foodservice Distributors Association was created as part of NAWGA to represent food service distributors’ needs. However, in 2002, its Board of Directors decided for it to operate as an independent trade association, hence becoming freestanding on January 1, 2003.

Today, IFDA remains dedicated to helping its member companies flourish through advocacy work, events, research, and educational opportunities – work that distinguishes IFDA as a genuinely distinguished trade association.

The IFDA Foundation supports education and research to advance food service and nutrition through scholarships, grants, and other programs. As an organization exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, donations made to this Foundation are tax deductible.

Reach Out To Your Legislators Now To Urgently Support Foodservice Distributors

IFDA members include family-owned businesses that have weathered wars, recessions, and other economic difficulties for decades, yet COVID-19 poses new and unprecedented threats. Congress took swift and decisive action by passing the CARES Act, yet distributors must provide additional support to continue serving restaurant customers during this unprecedented crisis. This legislation will assist them in recovering from significant revenue losses due to nationwide shelter-in-place orders and business closures. With this support, they should be able to quickly reopen and resume providing good-paying jobs for their employees and products to restaurants nationwide.