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Readywise Food Supply Review


Readywise Food Supply is an easy-to-make emergency food product with a long shelf life, offering creamy pasta and veggie rotini, tomato basil soup, and cheese-filled lasagna dishes – packaged in Mylar bags that can be stored in stackable buckets. Learn the best info about readywise.

Readywise offers more variety than other meal preps, with gluten-free products for those with special dietary restrictions and more competitive pricing than many competitors.

Long-term food storage

Long-term food storage is an integral component of emergency preparedness. It can help ensure you survive an unexpected disaster or pandemic by providing enough sustenance to last at least a year or more, but don’t rely solely on long-term food storage alone for survival needs; alongside food supplies, you should also store water and fuel supplies.

Long-term storage foods should have low moisture and oil contents to avoid becoming rancid, and you can find some tremendous long-term storage foods such as wheat, kamut, spelled corn, white rice, pinto beans, black kidney beans, lentils, rolled oats, pasta that fit these criteria. Organic and vegetarian alternatives also work.

Many people prefer home canning dry food themselves, but this can be expensive. Instead, an affordable alternative would be purchasing a kit from Readywise that comes equipped with Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers to protect it from insects and bacteria. They can be found online or at most grocery stores; 5-gallon buckets equipped with gasket lids airtight enough to block most light can be stacked three high; preparation takes only minutes; they last up to 25 years when properly stored; they even offer gluten-free, organic, and vegetarian options! Plus, there are options available from Readywise, too!

Variety of foods

Readywise (formerly Wise Food Company)’s emergency food supply from Readywise contains 2,160 servings of freeze-dried breakfasts, entrees, and dinners that are simple to prepare – add water! Each portion provides 223 calories of energy for storage for 25 years in Metallyte pouches specially designed to protect freshness while keeping oxygen away. Plus, they’re safe for vegetarians since no meat products are included.

Readywise is an excellent option for emergency food storage because it offers so many meal choices – making it the ideal solution to ensure variety when stockpiling emergency supplies. Plus, their products are proudly produced in America for added peace of mind!

No cooking required

Your financial portfolio may have been well protected with precious metals, but even that will only do you good if you have food. ReadyWise offers nutritious meal kits that make rationing food easy – perfect for emergency kits. Plus, you can include morale-boosting treats like canned soup, chili, pasta sauce, and baked goods to bring up spirits during difficult times.

This emergency food supply boasts a 25-year shelf life and can provide two servings per entree per day (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). It contains options like pasta, chicken teriyaki, and chili for vegetarians as well.

Rehydrating meals is easy. Combine the sealed pouch with hot or cold water and follow the instructions on the package for use. For an enhanced flavor experience, heat on a low setting for 5-10 minutes for optimal results! You will soon enjoy delicious hot meals!

Food made in the US meets rigorous quality control guidelines, so proper storage is paramount to its continued viability. Humidity and temperature fluctuations may cause spoilage over time; using a first-in, first-out rotation system and keeping out of direct sunlight are effective strategies for prolonging shelf life.

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