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Bicycle Pizza Cutter


If you love pizza and want to add some fun and adventure to your kitchen, this bicycle-shaped pizza cutter may be just what’s needed. Made from a copper-plated copper cylinder, its double-rotating wheel blades easily cut through food for effortless slicing action.

Makes an ideal present for cyclists or anyone who appreciates unique artisan products! Also looks fantastic as an addition to your kitchen decor.

Dexter-Russell 4’’ Pizza Cutter

The Dexter-Russell Pizza Cutter is an exceptional kitchen tool packed with features. It boasts a stainless steel blade for effortless cutting and an ergonomically molded handle for comfort, as well as an automatic safety lock to prevent accidental use of its handle. Ideal for both thin and thick-crust pizza, commercial kitchens may find this cutter especially helpful!

This pizza cutter boasts a blade constructed of high-carbon stainless steel for durability and can withstand heavy use, with an antimicrobial polypropylene handle built to resist bacteria growth. Perfect for professional kitchens, its versatile cutting capabilities extend beyond pizza slices to flatbreads and quesadillas alike.

Pizza has long been a beloved family food, and for good reason – its versatility, fast preparation time, and delicious taste all add up to make it a tasty staple of many homes around the globe. Unfortunately, finding an effective and long-lasting pizza cutter can be tricky – many either become dull quickly or struggle to cut through the crust easily. For this reason, consider the Dexter-Russell 4.5″ Pizza Cutter; pizzerias and sub shops around the globe use this commercial grade cutter that offers comfort when holding, looks simple while providing maximum durability and longevity – ideal for many households looking for pizza in their homes and restaurants alike!

Pizza Scizza

Use these versatile scissors to slice and serve pizza effortlessly without the mess! Their precision blades easily glide through both thick and thin crusts for uniform slices with ease, as well as bread, flatbread, naan, and homemade pasta slicing. Plus, their nonstick nylon base keeps blades scratch-free when heated to 400degF! In addition, an integrated spatula server at the bottom makes for effortless transfer from cutting board or pan to plate quickly; plus, their handle doesn’t raise to make using this scissor easy compared with regular kitchen shears!

Get rid of your dull pizza wheel and invest in scissor-style pizza cutters instead! They are ideal for both homemade and frozen pizza, flatbreads, and naan, with cleverly curved blades designed to slice from above for perfect topping piles while protecting hands from hot food. Heat resistant up to 400degF with soft grip handles for comfortable handling – hardened German stainless-steel blades give a sharp cutting edge while the safety lock secures them, ensuring quick clean-up after every use! Perfect homemakers and pizza fans alike!

VanKood Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Built from stainless steel blades for maximum corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning, this pizza cutter features a 4-wheel design to easily cut through both thin and thick crusts with ease and a black poly handle that offers a comfortable grip even when hands become wet or greasy. Its 4-inch wheel provides effortless thin-crust cutting capability; and is durable enough for everyday use during high volume times in restaurants or pizza shops. Plus, its black poly handle keeps users feeling secure even during busy service hours!

At eight inches long, this pizza cutter was the shortest option we tested and will take up minimal drawer space. Furthermore, its shorter length makes it easier to maneuver as you won’t risk cutting yourself when picking it up or holding onto it. Our testing revealed that this pizza cutter performed well with both thin and thick pizzas, though its blade wasn’t as sharp as either the Checkered Chef Rocker Blade or KitchenStar 14-inch pizza cutters.

At our testing labs, we evaluate each pizza cutter on its durability, which measures how easily it slices through crust and toppings without placing too much pressure on the plate or pan below. It is best to select models made of sturdy materials with no plastic components that might break under excessive stress. In addition, we evaluate their ease of cleaning after use; those that can be put directly in the dishwasher don’t require dismantling for this task and receive top marks.

Ninonly Fixie Bicycle Pizza Cutter

No matter if you’re cutting pizza by the slice or in bulk, this fun bicycle-shaped kitchen tool will make the task feel like a breeze. Featuring an elaborate fixie bike shape with dual cutting wheels for effortless pie slicing and an attractive stand to display as a decorative piece when not in use, it makes an excellent present for cyclists, pizza enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates quirky kitchen tools! Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe; wipe clean after each use for hassle-free operation.