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Juno Wafer Downlights


Juno’s 4″ and 6″ wafer-style smart downlight is a revolutionary recessed fixture that eliminates the need for housing – making it perfect for remodeling or new construction projects with limited access above the ceiling. Tips on how to choose led downlight?

This ultra-thin canless downlight features an easily adjustable color temperature switch with five settings for all indoor residential, hospitality, light commercial, and multifamily applications. Wet location listed.

Easy to Install

The 6-inch Wafer LED Flat Smooth Downlights with Switchable White feature a switch for five easy color temperature adjustments while eliminating the need for recessed housings. Their innovative slim design enables easy remodeling or new construction installation from below the ceiling in areas with shallow plenums; furthermore, wet location listing makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor residential, hospitality, light commercial, and multifamily applications.

The smart adjustable Wafer downlight is an ideal way to transform any lighting system into an intelligent one, integrating seamlessly with Bluetooth and Zigbee and easily controlled via app or voice command for seamless operation. From changing color temperature or dimming brightness levels to managing multiple lights simultaneously – its app offers seamless control.

The Wafer can be fitted with various optional accessories such as an occupancy sensor, dimming switch, and wireless power hub to meet project requirements. Its high efficiency and versatility make it an excellent addition for home or commercial settings.

Energy Efficient

Juno wafer downlights are an economical solution to upgrading your lighting, with low power consumption and up to 80% savings in energy costs compared to incandescent bulbs. Their thin profile and remote driver box enable installation into spaces as common as 2 inches without needing housing or recesses.

The smart juno wafer downlight’s tunable white CCT technology makes selecting your ideal color temperature easy; switch each fixture’s integrated switch for instantaneous change between warmer, cozy ambiance or cooler, brighter illumination.

The Juno Wafer Gimbal Downlight can be tilted to 20 degrees and rotated 180 degrees, providing precise control of its direction and spread of light. Compatible with sloped ceilings, this adjustable recessed downlight offers convenient lighting solutions for any sloped ceiling application. IC Rated and producing minimal heat output, this fixture is suitable for new construction and retrofit projects on any drywall application – without needing an air gap between it and insulation!


The Juno 4″ Wafer LED canless downlight combines efficiency, versatility, and intelligent connectivity into one comprehensive lighting solution. It features edge-lit light distribution and a 120V input power supply to produce up to 1170 lumens, which replaces 75W incandescent bulbs. This IC-rated fixture has minimal heat emissions, making it suitable for installation in shallow ceiling plenums without insulation requirements and ideal for new construction and renovation projects. With its integrated tunable white CCT technology, you can easily alter the color temperature of this round LED downlight to achieve your ideal lighting environment and avoid additional recessed housings. Control it directly from your smartphone using the Juno Connect app – choose from 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K, depending on your lighting experience best!


An intelligent LED adjustable downlight is an ideal addition to any living space, as it connects directly with any smart device via Bluetooth or Zigbee and is easily managed via its app. From changing the color temperature to dimming brightness – every aspect of ambiance can be ordered through its control app – from setting groups, schedules, and more, even voice command management of multiple lights simultaneously!

Juno offers versatile lighting solutions that allow you to create the ideal atmosphere for any special event or celebration, whether you’re hosting a cozy movie night or a lively gathering. Their energy-efficient recessed ceiling lights help set the scene without costing too much in electricity costs.

These recessed ceiling lights feature an assortment of trims and baffles to blend perfectly with any decor, while their sleek contemporary design seamlessly integrates with various interior styles. You could even pair one of these lights with an eye-catching accent wall to add dimension to your home!

Juno’s ultra-thin LED downlights are IC-rated, producing minimal heat output without needing a gap between fixture and insulation – an ideal solution for remodeling or new construction applications. Furthermore, these lights are wet locations listed, allowing installation in spaces with shallow plenums.

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