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Tteokbokki – A Delicious Korean Rice Cake


Whether you’re vegetarian or not, tteokbokki is a dish you’ll want to add to your repertoire. This delicious Korean dish is packed with flavor and offers a unique way to add a touch of Asian flare to any meal. Learn more about tteokbokki and the different variations available.


Whether you’re looking for a spicy dish or a more subtle option, there are many variations of tteokbokki. For example, you can omit the meat and add vegetable broth to a vegetarian dish. You can also add cheese to the word for a cheesy flavor.

Tteokbokki is Korean food made with chewy white rice cake noodles. These noodles are stir-fried in a spicy sauce. It’s often served with a soupy base, as well. It’s a delicious dish that’s savory and satisfying.

You can make tteokbokki at home or go to a Korean market to purchase frozen versions. Different variations of tteokbokki include spicy, non-spicy, and even vegan versions.

The ingredients of tteokbokki are straightforward. The basic recipe includes rice cakes, fish cakes, scallions, anchovy stock, and gochujang, which is Korean chili paste. You can add other ingredients to your tteokbokki, such as bok choy and spinach.

You can serve tteokbokki with a soupy base or a crispy side. It’s a great way to temper the effect of alcohol.


Whether you want to be healthy or enjoy a spicy snack, there are various varieties of tteokbokki. This popular Korean dish is served in a bowl with a soup-like base. This dish is typically made with scallions or boiled eggs. It can also be done with noodles. It is a popular snack that has a chewy, satisfying texture. You can find tteokbokki rice cakes at Korean markets. It is easy to make.

Aside from the usual tteokbokki, you can also try vegetarian and vegan versions. For the vegetarian version, you can use vegetable broth instead of the traditional anchovy stock. Alternatively, you can use dashi packets instead of dried anchovies. You can also serve it with mushrooms instead of fish cake if you prefer.

The tteokbokki sauce is a mix of spicy and sweet flavors. You can add any vegetables or kimchi to enhance the dish’s flavors. It can also be served with noodles or pasta.


Unlike the traditional Chinese rice cake, Korean Rice Cakes are cylindrical and require no kneading. Aside from being tasty and a cinch to prepare, these edible wonders are a great source of fiber and antioxidants. So it’s no wonder this little wonder is one of the most popular snacks in Korea.

The nebulous Tteokbokki, also known as the big kahuna, is a concoction of rice cakes, pork, and various other ingredients that have been boiled and sauteed until soft. This is the most popular tteokbokki variant, and it’s not hard to see why. The plethora of variants has spawned numerous imitations, some of which are worth the try. The best bets are found in local supermarkets and the ubiquitous Korean gas station. The variant above is often paired with kimchi, another Korean delicacy staple, for a healthy and happy dinner. Tteokbokki is best served at a temperature of around 90 degrees F. This is not a problem, as the rice cakes withstand the heat quite well.

Is tteokbokki a vegetarian or vegan dish?

Whether a meat eater or a vegan, you can still enjoy the spicy Korean rice cake dish called Tteokbokki. This dish has evolved over the years and can include vegetables, cheese, and even ramyun noodles. You can make the dish at home or buy it at the store. It is straightforward to make, and you don’t have to worry about complicated cooking techniques.

This dish has a spicy and sweet sauce that accompanies the rice cakes. It is a popular street snack and is usually eaten as a side dish. If you are vegetarian, you can use a low-sodium vegetable broth for the tteokbokki sauce instead of the traditional Korean soup stock.

If you prefer to make the dish vegan, you can substitute the fish cake for mushrooms or fried tofu. You can also use dry kelp powder to make the sauce. To do this, you will have to boil the kelp for about twenty minutes. Then you can remove the kelp and use the water.