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The Wave Cafe in Plainview, New York


You can see how Wave Cafe combines chocolate with olive oil on its menu. Chocolate mousse has been a staple of this cafe for a long time. The restaurant also serves salted caramel, a recently popular trend. The Wave Cafe was one of the first places to offer this dessert. You’ll definitely want to try out the Wave menu if you’re a chocolate lover.


There are several actions you can perform on the wave menu. For example, you can use the Zoom to Selection option to expand or shrink your selection. You can also select an area by clicking on the mouse. This way, you can like the audio data between the fills, pauses, and gaps. You can also choose from different options when right-clicking in the Event Table. Lastly, the Loop button can play back a selected audio track.


The Wave… of American Flavors features a casual atmosphere and a variety of menu options. The restaurant features a lounge on the first floor and a dining room on the second floor. The dining room looks like an upscale coffee shop, with wood tables and white linen napkins. Its menu includes comforting dishes like seared gnocchi and pork belly with local eggs. It also has a charcuterie board and desserts like creme brulee.

Delivery service

If you’re looking for a place to order the best food in Plainview, New York, you may want to try to Catch The Wave. This restaurant offers a complete online menu that you can pick up in the restaurant or have delivered. Some of their most popular items include the Cake Batter, Country Vanilla, and Pomegranate Raspberry Sorbet. Catch The Wave also offers delivery via Postmates.