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Oasis Travel Network Reviews


If you are planning a cruise this year, there are many options. OASIS Travel Network is an award-winning boutique host agency. The network’s monthly niche and specialty travel expert panels will discuss how to stand out from your competition and which cruise and land suppliers to use. Below are some top things to consider when choosing a cruise and land provider. Read on for other reasons why OASIS Travel Network is a good choice for your next cruise or land trip.

Oasis Travel Network 2022 Conference at Sea

OASIS Travel Network has just announced some exciting new events and member offerings for 2022. The award-winning boutique host agency has unveiled a monthly lineup of expert panel discussions in niche & specialty travel, including luxury travel. On January 25, the panel discussion will focus on how to differentiate yourself from the competition and spotlight preferred land and cruise suppliers. If you are an independent travel agent, you can learn how to benefit from OASIS’ new services by attending the 2022 Conference at Sea.

OASIS Travel Network has partnered with the Norwegian Cruise Line to offer the first-ever conference at sea in October 2022. The event will feature educational presentations, panel discussions, and dining with travel supplier partners. As a member, you can enjoy all these events and more if you join the network before then. In the meantime, here are some of the highlights from last year’s conference.


OASIS Travel Network, an award-winning host travel agency, hosts expert panel discussions for its members. In these sessions, leading travel industry professionals will discuss how to engage clients and ensure continued business in the future. Attendees will learn best practices to increase your business and create an exceptional client experience. The speakers will also highlight their preferred land and cruise suppliers. Read on for a glimpse into this event.

Mark Lomanno, president and founder of Smith Travel Research, will give an overview of the latest findings on resort demographics, amenities and compensation. Other panellists include John Evans, COO of East West Partners, Pedro Mandoki, president and CEO of Plantation Resort Management, Inc., Charles Peck, president and CEO of Destination Hotels & Resorts, and Peter Rainsford, director of the Daniel College of Business.

Featured Experts

Oasis Travel Network is an independent contractor division of Smart Group, which recently held its ninth annual conference in Delray Beach, Florida. The event featured a theme of action: “Be” and more than 60 industry suppliers and new marketing strategies. Here’s a look at some of the highlights from the conference. For more information about the conference, visit the Oasis Travel Network website.

The panel discussion focused on travel advisors’ various strategies to engage their clients. Expert panellists included Pat Hand, Kareem George, and Shelly Riedemann. They discussed various social media strategies and offered solutions for travellers seeking assistance. Among the topics covered:


Oasis Travel Network, a host agency, is launching a new brand identity for its travel advisor members. The new name will be reflected on all future consumer and trade marketing materials. The network was established in 2009 as a Palm Coast Travel host division. In addition to the brand name, OASIS offers the ability to build a custom website. This design will include content about destination offerings, live booking engines, and promotions. The website costs $348 annually, including an SSL certificate.