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4 Nurse Survival Kits to Help Your Friend Survive Long Shifts


No matter if they are currently attending nursing school, recently graduated, or working as nurses – with these helpful items, they’ll find comfort throughout their shifts! bugout bag

This fun and practical gift consists of 2 snack bars, pour-over gourmet coffee, mints, and a wellness shower steamer, all tucked neatly inside an awesome canvas bag that makes an ideal way to carry makeup or keep work-related necessities together.

Beverage Containers

Nurses spend long shifts on their feet, so having an adequate supply of water bottles is often considered essential. Band-Aids, hand sanitizer, pain relievers, eye drops, tissues, toothbrushes, and dental floss should also be kept handy in your bag as part of an emergency first aid kit.

Nursing students are known for taking copious notes and underlining critical information from textbooks, making a highlighter set that allows them to organize their studies into colored folders an invaluable addition to a nurse survival kit.

If the new nurse in your life is graduating or has just embarked upon their career, a survival kit makes an excellent way to show your support and show them just how much you care for their success. Give it at graduation, use it as an anniversary present or promotion gift – whatever milestone it marks, they are sure to appreciate your thoughtful gesture! A nurse survival kit makes an impressive statement about who cares so much for their success.


Candles are an indispensable addition to a survival kit, serving multiple purposes by lighting rooms, providing heat, and even cooking small amounts of food. Plus, they’re much safer than using lighters! Coghlan offers three wick emergency candles with no odor that are perfect for winter emergencies or weather-related power outages.

A good nurse survival kit should include items to support self-care, such as a water bottle, coffee mug, and journal for reflection on daily practice. Snacks to sustain long shifts will also be included. Occasionally a cute stethoscope name necklace, book of nursing tips or humorous puns might make an appearance!

It is an invaluable gift for any new nurse, whether graduating from school or already employed. A nursing survival kit will make them feel supported and loved while reminding them they have someone there for support – helping them remain calm and focused during shifts.

Comfy Clothes

No matter if it’s their graduation from nursing school, starting their first shift, or simply celebrating their anniversary, a survival kit is an excellent way of showing that someone cares and you are proud of their accomplishments.

An essential component of a nurse survival kit is a stylish yet durable bag they can use both at work and school. There are numerous options out there tailored explicitly towards nurses with enough compartments to store all their necessities.

Another practical item that makes an ideal present for nurses is cozy pajamas or jogger pants from LILYSILK loungewear sets, available in a range of colors and patterns and featuring luxurious materials like Merino wool and Eucalyptus tree fiber. Furthermore, each set comes complete with fleece-lined slipper socks to make sure that their nurse feels extra cozy; add noise-canceling headphones for the ideal nurse survival kit present!

Hand Lotion

On a typical shift, nurses wash their hands frequently. Between powerful soaps and constant hand sanitizer, their skin may take quite the beating, becoming dry and chapped. Carrying hand lotion with them helps protect their hands until it’s time for them to head home for a shower session.

Laneige lotion is excellent because it penetrates deep into their skin rather than just sitting on top. So, if their hands have become chapped and cracked due to frequent washing, this lotion can help rehydrate them quickly – helping them feel rejuvenated again!

If you know of a nurse graduating, celebrating a vital work anniversary or promotion soon, or would like to show your appreciation, this kit makes an excellent present! Packed with books written by other nurses (Becoming Nursey), hair ties and headbands, pens, notebooks, towels, lotion, wipes, and hand sanitizer – plus the option for personalizing it before checkout – it makes the ideal present! Makes the perfect present for nurses or nursing students.


Nurses work long and irregular shifts that can be mentally taxing. Coffee provides a quick energy boost and keeps nurses alert during shifts; additionally, its socializing potential allows nurses to socialize during breaks while unwinding before returning to patient care duties.

Multiple studies have found that nurses are among the top professions for caffeine intake, according to studies. While moderate coffee consumption is beneficial to health, excessive consumption can have adverse consequences. A few cups a day may provide an energy boost and keep nurses alert and focused.

An essential item for nurses’ survival kits is an insulated lunch bag, which keeps prepared meals hot and delicious on those mornings when nurses don’t get enough rest.

Nursing school students will appreciate this valuable set of highlighters. With different colors to help organize class notes and study for exams, this gift will surely bring smiles on graduation, an anniversary, or a birthday! This practical present is sure to please!