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Boats For Hire in Malta


Renting a boat in Malta is an excellent way to discover its breathtaking waters, with options ranging in size, style, and price available to suit every taste and budget. What do you consider about boat hire in Malta

Malta offers ideal boat rental conditions between June and September, with pleasant temperatures, beautiful weather, and clear skies.

Boats for hire in Malta

Malta offers everything from romantic sunset cruises and family sailing adventures to relaxing sailing holidays on its stunning waters and landscapes—there is sure to be the perfect boat for every sailing excursion or holiday adventure. Explore Malta’s coastline, where several marinas offer catamaran, sailboat, or yacht rentals; experience breathtaking landscapes that make this destination ideal.

Spring and autumn are ideal times to rent a boat in Malta when temperatures are mild and there are few tourists. The high season typically runs from April through October, while the low season begins in November. To maximize your boating experience in Malta, bring sunscreen, a towel, sunglasses, snacks, and drinks; don’t forget your camera, too, if you want to capture memories!

SamBoat, the market leader in peer-to-peer boat rentals, makes renting a boat in Malta simple online. Once you find your ideal vessel, book it and pay using any major credit card – then collect at a marina on your chosen date! Occasionally, deposits may need to be made before being released – plus fuel expenses and additional supplementary costs could add further to its total cost of rental.

Bareboat charters

Rental yachts from Malta allow you to experience authentic sailing for yourself in an authentic sailing environment, where you take control of your yacht and feel the wind rush past as you navigate crystal blue waters. Furthermore, you have complete freedom over where and for how long you want to sail, creating an entirely customizable trip based on your individual needs and requirements. With valid sailing credentials in hand, bareboat charters may even be possible – giving you even greater independence on board your vessel!

When renting a boat, be sure to select a vessel of sufficient size and features for your group. Check its specifications and features to make sure it will keep everyone safe on board, then take extra steps such as reading through and signing the contract to prevent any unpleasant surprises later on. Furthermore, understand any fees for canceling or extending your rental agreement and read it thoroughly to avoid surprises later.

If you are new to sailing, consider hiring a skipper for your trip. This will give you more freedom while keeping everyone safe onboard; pre-book one when renting your boat.

If traveling in a group, consider renting a larger boat like a catamaran or yacht to see more of Malta faster. These boats provide faster transport and allow you to see more than smaller vessels can do.

Chartering a yacht

Yacht charter in Malta offers the perfect way to experience its crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches, and rich history. By renting one, you’ll discover hidden coves while creating lasting memories with friends and family. However, make sure that if renting is something you are considering, popular rentals tend to get booked quickly during high season.

Boat rentals vary significantly based on the type of vessel and the size of the group you have in mind. You have the option of hiring either with or without a skipper; having one around could offer invaluable local insight as they suggest places and activities you should see/do while also helping navigate waterways safely and effectively.

Experienced sailors can choose to go bareboat chartering provided they possess a valid license. However, please keep in mind that sailing a boat in Malta requires having valid documents, including a passport and other official documentation, in your possession.

Malta offers numerous stunning beaches, secluded coves, and lively nightlife to explore during this time. Valletta boasts an ancient port that draws thousands to visit daily, while Gozo and Comino offer opportunities for boat exploration with historic landmarks such as St Paul’s Shipwreck and Dingli Cliffs scattered about.

Seasonal weather

The Maltese islands provide the ideal Mediterranean climate for sailing, boating, and fishing activities. Protected from surrounding waters by shallow lagoons, they experience low rainfall even during winter and mild temperatures, making them perfect for relaxing boat trips or thrilling adventures at sea.

Renting a yacht in Malta between April and October is generally ideal; however, weather patterns in Malta can change quickly. Always consult a weather forecast before venturing onto the sea.

Comino, Gozo, Grand Harbour, Marsamxett Harbour, and Sliema all offer boats to rent on charter. You’ll have several locations from which to select your perfect one, depending on your preference and the type of vessel that best meets your needs. Plus, consider hiring a skipper or crew to make the experience all the more memorable!

Prices of yacht rentals differ according to season, so making comparisons is essential before making a final decision. Many companies provide an array of boats available for rental so you can find one that meets both your needs and budget; some also offer discounted packages at certain times of year for added savings. Keep in mind that some companies require deposits before renting their boats, which will be returned upon completion of your trip.