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Ken Fish


Ken Fish was an enthusiastic bluegrass enthusiast who served as “Your Bluegrass Reporter” for the Jacksonville, Florida Times-Union from 1977 to 1999. Unfortunately, Ken died at 87 on February 7th, 2023.

Witnessing his mother being instantly healed of sores in her mouth led Ken Fish on a quest to connect people with the supernatural, tangible reality of God. Through Orbis Ministries, Ken now teaches prayer modalities such as healing, inner healing, and deliverance prayer modalities for others to explore.

He is the founder of Kingdom Fire Ministries.

Ken Fish is an eminent teacher who ministers in churches of various denominations across the globe, teaching prophetic and revival themes, leadership development, and awakening. Ken frequently appears as a guest on multiple radio shows like Eric Metaxas Show, Remnant Radio, and Premier (UK).

An anointing of fire and signs and wonders mark his ministry. He is dedicated to spreading a revival spirit across churches and nations. His goal is to restore authentic Christianity and prepare saints for the glory of God and harvest.

Jennifer lived in the northwest corner of America and attended church as a child, yet wasn’t introduced to the Holy Spirit until attending a conference co-led by Ken Fish that transformed her life forever. Ever since that event, she now leads an online prayer group and ministry teams in Europe and Australia under his direction; additionally, she studies at Orbis School of Ministry while being part of MorningStar Church Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Matt Suh is a medical doctor and liver and pancreas surgeon, having gained his credentials at Harvard University and SUNY Downstate College of Medicine as a liver and pancreas surgeon. After experiencing supernatural healing of his rotator cuff injury at Ken Fish’s conference, his life took an abrupt turn toward spirituality. Since then, his focus has shifted heavily toward supernatural ministry while serving as the leader of Orbis School of Ministry since its launch.

Sheila Michael is a wife, mother, daughter, and sister who intensely desires to better comprehend God’s word by studying various bible studies and hosting her bible study group at home. She strongly likes to serve Him by seeing His kingdom come in this life on earth as it does in heaven; she has a heart for inner healing and deliverance and has been part of Orbi’s online prayer ministry for seven years.

He is the author of On the Road with the Holy Spirit: A Modern-Day Diary of Signs and Wonders.

Ken Fish is an exceptional teacher and speaker with an outstanding grasp of church history and Biblical truth, which he shares humorously. His material aims at helping strengthen and unify the body of Christ as a whole, and Ken offers healing/prophecy ministry in meetings accompanied by manifest signs/wonders.

John has long served churches and parachurch ministries throughout his career. During the 1980s, he served on staff with John Wimber at Vineyard Ministries International before traveling extensively as a conference speaker to share on topics including leadership and spiritual formation, church growth/revival, biblical authority/exposition/healing/deliverance as well as healing/deliverance services and more.

Fish’s new book, On the Road with the Holy Spirit: A Modern Day Diary of Signs and Wonders, details all of the miracles he has witnessed over time – everything from physical healings to exorcisms of demons – as evidence of Christ continuing His works today as written about in Scripture.

This book is an absolute must-read for believers looking to deepen their understanding of God’s Word. It will show them how supernatural power is available to Christians everywhere and help them live more confidently with faith and expectancy.

Ken Fish has held multiple roles within church life – pastor, church planter, and missionary. He holds multiple degrees – an Honors Degree in History and Philosophy of Religion from Princeton University and a Master’s from Fuller Theological Seminary and UCLA, respectively, and is an accomplished author with several books published and speaking engagements nationally and internationally.

Sheila Michael became a Christian at ten and has experienced joyful and sorrowful spiritual moments ever since. Her passion is God’s word, with an ambition of deepening her understanding of Him as Creator. Sheila currently leads a small group at her home church and serves as prayer ministry leader; she also attends the Orbis School of Ministry as a student. She mentors other students.

He is the founder of the Orbis School of Ministry.

Ken Fish is a widely respected expert on healing and deliverance. He has written multiple books and spoken at numerous seminars on topics ranging from spiritual gifts to leadership development, prophecy, inner healing, and Holy Spirit baptism. Furthermore, Ken established Orbis School of Ministry, a training organization that equips believers for prophetic ministry.

He hails from Los Angeles and holds an honors bachelor of arts degree from Princeton University, studying early church fathers and late antiquity writings. Following this, he received his master of divinity degree with an emphasis on theology and intercultural communications from Fuller Theological Seminary; additionally, he holds an MBA and is a 25-year senior Fortune 500 executive career.

“On the Road with the Holy Spirit” chronicles his journey as a prophet, focusing on five essential elements that enable signs and wonders in his life–prayer, purity, power, and the presence of God. This bestseller and favorite among believers alike has also been translated into multiple languages for publication on

Sheila hails from a Pentecostal Church in the northwest corner of America and was recently ordained through the Women In Ministry Network (an affiliate of Patricia King Ministries). Her passion lies in ministering to those struggling with physical, mental, and emotional health issues – having personally received divine healing herself and training in inner healing through Randy Clark’s online Christian Healing Certification Program and Orbis School of Ministry.

Matthew is an ordained minister with Orbis Ministries and a Special Assistant to its Founder. In this capacity, he serves as Head Teaching Assistant (TA) and instructor at Orbis School of Ministry; additionally, he has appeared as a guest speaker on the Eric Metaxas Radio Show and Premier Christianity programs.

Jo McKay lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is married and the mother of four. She has experienced miraculous healing from bipolar disorder, seasonal affective depression, chemosis, and other health conditions. Jo attended Orbis School of Ministry as an associate student, later becoming an instructor, serving on both the Voice of Apostles and Orbis Online Prayer Ministry teams, and participating as an active prayer ministry associate herself.

He is the founder of Kingdom Fire College.

Ken Fish is an author and pastor with degrees from Princeton, Fuller Theological Seminary, and UCLA. He has held parachurch ministries, including Vineyard Ministries International, where he worked alongside John Wimber for several years. Ken’s ministry involves vision casting for spiritual awakening while equipping Christians to embrace their calling as Christians. Ken frequently travels as a conference speaker. Ken offers courses on leadership formation, church growth revival, and inner healing/deliverance.

Mark has mentored globally recognized international evangelists and appeared as a guest on radio shows such as Trinity Broadcast Network, Eric Metaxas Radio Show, Premier Christianity, and Prophetic Perspectives. His approach to teaching spiritual gifts and healing utilizes his Integrated Healing Model that connects symptomology to biblical principles; these presentations aim to provide audiences with the tools and encouragement they need to face any health hurdle head-on and experience breakthroughs and healing.

Sheila is a Christian wife, mother, and grandmother with an incredible passion for God’s word, reflected by her joy of teaching the Bible and leading others through inner healing, prayer, and deliverance. She has ministered to women, children, and men of all ages in need and has a burning desire for his kingdom to come and his will to be done here on Earth as it is done in Heaven.

Christie lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her 18-year-old husband and their three children. She grew up attending church and accepted Christ at age 12 before attending one of Ken’s conferences on inner healing and deliverance, where she experienced profound transformation through inner healing work conducted by Ken himself. Subsequently, she began teaching and ministering through Orbis Online Prayer Ministry.

This class is for anyone seeking to cast out demons and dispel oppressive spirits. Held over three days (Monday evening and two full days Tuesday and Wednesday), this training course provides practical, hands-on training with lots of personal freedom benefits!