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Achieve Gay Relationship Perfection Through Validation.



I’ve seen countless couples over the years. The problems they’ve brought to my attention have run the gamut from the inability to communicate to sexual dysfunction to infidelity to a lack of affection for one another. These are just a few examples, but the underlying cause of most relationship problems seems to be tension, anger, and mistrust that develops when partners do not feel appreciated or respected. The love, closeness, and attachment the couple had built up could be jeopardized if this happened. Mayday! Mayday! Help is needed to save the relationship. Browse the Best info about 震蛋.

One strategy that might strengthen emotional relationships and build more closeness between loving partners is the interpersonal skill of validation. This post will explain the warranty and how you can use it more often with your significant other to increase your “relationship bliss.”

Validation: What Is It?

Validating each other is relatively easy in the first stages of a relationship. High chemistry, the constant thought of one another, and a desire to focus on one another characterize this “honeymoon phase” of relationship growth. You get a rush of excitement and confidence from the other person’s interest in you. It’s easy to do and has been called “magical” by many who have tried it. This “spark” has been around for a while and has a reputation for being an accurate predictor of future events.

Validation is essential for the survival and growth of long-term partnerships. To validate your spouse, you must express your love and admiration for him. It’s trying to meet his requirements and recognizing him as an essential person in your life, despite your differences. It’s a way to show him how much his presence means to you and how much value he adds to your life. The highest form of romantic expression is to validate your lover. Being sincere, maintaining a constant tone, and delivering it in the manner you have seen your spouse like will go a long way.

Make Your Man Look Good!

To best validate your partner, you should tailor your words and actions to his unique circumstances, considering what you’ve learned about his needs, personality, tastes, and preferences.

While your lover may not care much about the same things that are important to you, Dr. Gary Chapman, Ed.D. reveals in his seminal work “The Five Love Languages (2004)” how we all have unique ways of expressing our affection for one another. According to Chapman, the key to a happy relationship is for partners to learn to speak each other’s “love language,” or preferred method of expressing romantic affection, to meet their partners’ requirements. According to Chapman, there are five universal “love languages”:

Positive feedback in the form of words (such as praises, thanks, and words of encouragement)

The time spent with someone is of high quality if it involves them.

Gift-giving and receiving (flowers, unexpected presents)

Doing something for your partner that he enjoys or finds desirable constitutes service.

5. Physical Contact (hugging, patting, kissing, etc.).

You can boost the likelihood that your spouse will meet your needs in the ways you prefer if you learn to speak his primary love language.

Prove Your Worth!

You must learn to validate yourself, which brings up an important aspect. Self-empowerment is as essential as learning to give and receive validation in a relationship. It’s unhealthy to put all your hopes in your relationship to make you happy; you should take charge of your own life and fulfillment rather than relying on your partner. Figure out how to boost your confidence and calm down when things become rough in life or your relationships. This will improve your ability to bounce back from setbacks and prevent you from putting undue stress on your relationship. Communicate to learn how to treat each other better, and take the initiative to improve your situation.

Challenges in Action

1. As a fun exercise, you and your lover can each prepare a list of the things that would make you happy if your lover did them. Then, at a later time, you and your partner will trade lists, discuss them, and start carrying out the tasks on your lists. Using this as a guide, you can more easily complete the actions that will make the other person feel valued.

2. Go out and buy Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages.” I think it’s an excellent resource for homosexual couples, even though it was created primarily for a heterosexual audience. For example, in what ways do you most like to be shown love? How about your partner? How can you cooperate to accommodate each other’s preferences and ensure that everyone’s requirements are met? The book also includes self-evaluation questions and activities to help you apply what you’ve learned to your partnership.


Indeed, validation won’t fix every problem in a relationship, but it can go a long way toward doing so by building an environment of love and care. Learn as much as you can about your partner’s requirements and your own so that you can benefit from your interactions. Practice makes perfect, so before you know it, you’ll go to “relationship bliss”!

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