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Four Essential Relationship Pointers for Women


It would be negligent of me not to mention comedian and national radio presenter Steve Harvey this week after receiving a FLOOD of emails from prior graduates last year regarding his appearance on Oprah to talk about his book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Read the Best info about 自慰.

Many of my workshop’s alums wrote to thank me and tell me how his book complemented their understanding of males. As a man, I understand how validating it is for women to hear an objective perspective on men. When I used to host workshops for both sexes, it was always amusing to see the women checking with the men to verify if what I was saying was legit.

If you had been watching the show with me, you would have chuckled at the number of times I shouted “Woo Hoo!” while he fielded questions from the audience of 300 ladies. But instead, seeing a man on Oprah who enthusiastically agrees with my teaching principles validates my work as a teacher.

To help Harvey, I will list four points he made on the show that are vital suggestions every woman needs to know below.

1) Despite popular belief, chivalry is still alive and well; it’s just not expected of people nowadays.

When he said that, I released my first “Woo Hoo!” Today’s working women earn their livings and take the initiative to open doors, offer to pay for dinner, and pick up the tab on their dates. Continuing this behavior sends a subtle message to men that you don’t need them and trains guys to stop displaying gallantry. You need to have expectations and actions that attract chivalry from a man if you want to be romantically pursued.

2) “Are YOU willing to be all you want in a man?”

One of the women in the audience gave Harvey a list of over 43 characteristics she was looking for in a partner. Cook’s meal to “determined to make our love and romance last”; we’ve heard it all when describing this couple. It helps to have a mental picture of the kind of man you want to keep your focus on those qualities. What Harvey observed, and what I have seen as well, is that women are generally not willing to give men the same kind of support they expect to receive from them.

3) “Only YOU can establish your worth.”

One fiftysomething female diner to Harvey: “How do you not feel obligated to have sex when a man pays for dinner?” If you read my column “Men, Women, & Money” from earlier this month, you’ll see that I address this topic. In response, Harvey said, “Romance is ignited within a woman from how a man makes you FEEL, not for what he BUYS you.” Simply because a man pays for supper does not obligate you to engage in sexual activity with him. He also stressed the significance of women not lowering their standards for themselves, especially older women who believe they should do so because of their age. This is a standard error that I constantly witness numerous women making. Women (of any age) getting the men they want are, without a doubt, the ones who made it clear how they wanted to be treated and never wavered from that stance.

4) “God wouldn’t make your soul mate and never let you meet him.”

How true! A lesson in waiting for the right time to find love would be helpful for the single population. I’ve always believed everything, including the moment you meet the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, happens according to Divine Timing. There is a perfect sequence to how and when your life-changing experiences, jobs, and people happened.

Take these ideas to heart, ladies, and keep them in mind as you interact with the males.

Harvey (and I!) want women to understand that males will treat them according to their established norms. A man will always meet your expectations, so consider how high you set them. If a man cannot or unwillingly treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve, it is time to go on. Now is not the time to settle for less.

By having the same high standards for yourself that you would have for a man, understanding what you want, and never settling for anything less than that, you will improve as a woman and never know when your soul mate might walk through your door.

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