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How to Have a Nicer Relationship with Me in 6 Easy Steps


After the toddler years, “Be nice” is one of the first lessons taught. They learn to use polite expressions like “please” and “thank you” and to think before acting. This is the introductory lesson on how to treat other people kindly. Kids get additional lessons on kindness as they grow up. They learn to empathize with others by hearing phrases like, “See how Mary is crying because Tommy took her toy” or “See how Tommy is crying because he got a booboo; do you remember how it felt when you got a booboo?” As kids grow older, they learn to consider the emotions of those around them before acting: “Do you think Aunt Celia will like this card?” or “Remember how much Mommy likes the ocean?” Is this dolphin bracelet something she could like? Get the Best information about 情趣玩具.

Despite years of training in polite behavior, it’s not uncommon for people’s social skills to deteriorate. Too frequently, I hear partners say, “I just want him/her to be nice to me.” Likewise, many couples’ standard response to “What made your week great?” is “S/he was nice to me this week.”

Here are six methods to show your love for your mate. Marriage in its latter stages may be beyond saving, but it can do wonders for one with a chance of survival.

When interacting with other adults, it is just as important to employ polite expressions like “please” and “thank you” as when interacting with a child. The closeness or longevity of a connection does not make such politeness superfluous. It is a well-known fact that people tend to favor those who are well-liked and well-liked by others. A lack of polish communicates a lack of consideration for the other person.

– Unprompted displays of tenderness, such as a pat on the back or a gentle stroking of the hair, a resting of the hand on an arm, holding hands while walking, or a quick peck on the cheek as you pass. These small acts of kindness convey profound feelings of closeness and concern. Contrast this with sexual advances, which belong to a different group. Partners may dismiss sexual attempts as insincere when they are the sole displays of affection. A partner’s receptivity in the bedroom will improve once they’ve been treated with kindness and respect.

“Can I get you anything while I’m up?” “I made you a cup of tea” (mainly when carried to the recipient in another room or portion of the house). “Look, they had those apples you like so much at the grocery store!” are all examples of thoughtful gestures. The word “thoughtful” implies that one partner thought kindly of the other.

– Paying attention to your spouse to gauge how s/he is feeling and then communicating your assessment, for example, by saying, “You look tired, honey,” or “You seem excited about this project.” Being noticed conveys to one’s partner that they are essential to that person. This one takes us right to the following piece of advice …

You can assess your companion or dig deeper into a topic by asking them questions. Tell me more about this brand-new venture. In other words, “How are you adjusting to your new work schedule?” It’s a great feeling when someone you care about asks after you. An inquiry suggests interest and watching on the part of the person asking about you.

A person’s reputation is based on how well those around them think of them. Thus, it’s essential to make a good impression. Keep the noise down if your significant other or guest attempts to get some shut-eye; get milk for the coffee in the morning; share the remote; don’t talk over others; etc.

A simple reminder or a word of advice from a friend can go a long way. Western culture typically associates such acts of kindness with female recipients. However, the recipients of such considerate actions from their spouses have been shown to report higher levels of relationship satisfaction in recent studies. Similarly, women are often seen as the caretakers in a relationship, but they, too, deserve to be showered with affection. Kindness must take place, and it must flow in both directions.

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