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Yoga for the Young: Here’s how to make your Yoga Studio Appeal to Gen Z


It’s no secret that stress is a significant component of most individuals’ lives – even the young ones! From rising inflation to the recession to healthcare scares to crime, there are just about a gazillion stress-inducing elements that the average individual faces daily.

In times like these, people often turn towards stress-alleviating activities, and the top on the list is yoga. From its meditative qualities to letting your body truly relax and let itself go, yoga is becoming increasingly popular – and you’d be surprised at how many young people there are in its fan following!

That’s good news for you, isn’t it? Why, if yoga is becoming popular, your yoga studio can easily take off! But of course, to reel in the younger crowd, you need to employ marketing tips and tricks directed just towards them!

Puzzled? Here are some of my best marketing techniques to pull the younger audiences into your yoga studio:

1. Get on the ‘Gram!

It’s the era of technology – obviously – and any business that dreams of becoming a household name needs to keep up. While technology is vast, social media lures in the younger generation, with the likes of Instagram determining their buyer preferences and lifestyles.

So, as a yoga studio catering to Gen Z, you must up your Instagram game and build an appealing presence. Start by creating an optimized profile, paying extra attention to details such as your bio, profile picture, and username, as this is essentially the ‘brand’ of your Instagram page. Once you’re up and running, then it’s onto the posts.

Both the quality and consistency you post on Instagram determine the following you’ll create. Your posts not only need to be visually appealing, but they also need to align with your yoga studio’s character, churning out new content a couple of times a week.

When I ran my own business’ Instagram page, my go-to design tool was PosterMyWall. Being anything but a designer myself, I was relieved to see a variety upon variety of modern Instagram post templates on the PosterMyWall website – and since the tool was so easy to learn, I ended up not needing any external help, which allowed me to save big and invest into my business!

2. It’s an Influencer’s World – We’re Just Living in it.

Influencer popularity has gone up massively among the young crowd. From buying from the brands they use, eating their food, and participating in their activities, there’s a bid to mimic the influencer lifestyle – making it the perfect element for your yoga studio to leverage.

An influencer’s home is social media – read: Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat – so building your presence on these platforms and then collaborating with influencers to advertise your yoga studio is the way to go.

Try to go for local influencers, as these will likely bring in a crowd that could easily access your yoga studio’s location. As for the collaboration, you can offer a unique discount code for the influencer’s followers, invite them to try out a class and have them post about it, or even partake in a mutual shoutout where you’re both open up to a new audience.

3. Win it with a Poster

Posters are more than just pretty – done right; they’re an encapsulation of all the correct information combined with supporting visuals to market a product or service perfectly. To get more youth in and through the doors of your yoga studio, you can use posters strategically.

Of course, the first step is the design. Visually, your posters need to appeal to the younger audiences you’re targeting – think bright and preppy designs, everyday slang among youth, and maybe even a meme! Here, I recommend PosterMyWall, which has been my go-to for years whenever I need any poster designing.

I’ve found the platform so easy to use, and I’m usually done with my design in under 15 minutes which is a lifesaver with my schedule! And the best part is that their variety is endless – and free – so you’ll be able to find tons of yoga posters on there!

Once done, put up your posters in colleges, community centers, and even clubs – anywhere the youth will see them!

4. Become a Videographer – or Hire One!

Tell me, are you more likely to buy a dress once you know what it looks like, or does the opposite hold true? The first, right? Well, the same goes for your yoga studio! Once people know what the inside of your yoga studio looks like and some teasers of what your classes entail, their excitement to join in will only increase!

And what better way to do this than through video content? Either hire a professional or brush up on your skills and shoot some videos, publishing them on your social media channels to attract a fresher and younger crowd. Make sure that your videos speak for themselves and that you don’t compromise on quality to save a few bucks.

So, if you’re looking to target youth for your yoga studio, these marketing tips and tricks are your go-to. Simply follow this complete game plan, and soon your doors will be flooded with the young ones of today, buzzing to get in some yoga!

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