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Trim Fit Reviews – Does Trim Fit Really Work?


Trim Fit is an MLM purple tea product that makes people feel good but does not lead to weight loss. Had MS spent more time exercising, planning/preparing meals, and taking accountability for her decisions instead of buying this stuff, she likely would not have become size M. MS is living proof that it does not work!

Side Effects

If you are taking this supplement, you must stay hydrated and avoid overindulgence in caffeine or sugary beverages. If dizziness occurs, consult a medical provider immediately and take your supplement with food for optimal results.

One of the standout ingredients in this product is Caralluma fimbriata, an herb native to India and South America allegedly capable of suppressing appetite. Unfortunately, such claims have yet to be validated by scientific studies, meaning they are unlikely to help with weight loss.

This MLM scheme employs deceptive marketing practices in an attempt to sell an ineffective product. Had MS invested even just some of her time into exercising, meal prepping/planning, and taking accountability, she would likely be much thinner.