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How to Style a Grey Fitted Hat


Fitted hats differ from their adjustable counterparts in that they are specifically tailored to one head size and must fit snugly on it, thus making resizing them difficult without damaging their exterior fabric.

MyFitteds, a family-run shop located in East Harlem, has started offering custom colorways of popular fits to their clients.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is one of the most beloved physical education games at schools. This high-intensity game requires speed, stealth, and team strategy from players – from gym classes to outdoor fields – and will undoubtedly prove popular among your students. Make it even more engaging by playing it at night for an eerie yet thrilling challenge – add more flags as part of this intense endeavor!

Grey-fitted hats have become immensely popular with younger collectors, and this trend shows no signs of abating. Demand has skyrocketed, and shops have capitalized on it by creating custom designs not previously released; Pro Image, Sports Woodbridge Mall location sales associate Wyd Johnny1, has even garnered quite an extensive collection that he shares via TikTok with followers on TikTok!

Hat Club NoHo in New York City has taken notice of this trend by offering unique colorways of fitted. Their pink bottom collection, for instance, has proven popular with customers, and although some skeptics initially doubted its longevity since its release in October 2019, sales at NoHo have tripled since then! MyFitteds of Paterson, New Jersey, is also taking note of this fad; their company recently collaborated with rappers Cam’ron and Fat Joe to design special edition caps featuring their logos as special edition caps!

Pink Bottoms

Pink bottoms can add an eye-catching pop of color and vibrancy to any fitted cap, from logo t-shirts to fitted caps with white logos. Pairing bright pink pants with grey, white, or tan-hued fitted caps creates an eye-catching contrast; using different tones of pink will further intensify this dynamic look; pairing bright pink trousers with darker-hued tops draws focus towards them and draws all eyes in their direction.

On a cold February morning in 2019, Preme came to the NoHo Hat Club with an idea. He wanted to create a 1996 Yankees cap with a pink bottom as a tribute to his mother, who died of breast cancer. Upon further consideration, Preme approached Justin Farnham (then store manager of NoHo Hat Club). Following some discussion between them and Preme, Farnham agreed with Preme’s concept, and the Pink Bottom fit was born! Currently, it can be found for sale across retailers that carry MLB, NBA, and NFL MiLB fitted, such as Fanatics Lids, Amazon, and eBay, among others – sure make an addition to any collection! ***Hat Crawler may receive a commission on purchases made using links on this page; see bottom for details regarding any commission received for purchases made using links here!

Pink Undervisors

Pink under visors are all the rage, and Hat Club has a variety of grey fitted with this signature look that features this fun splash of color. Our collection includes teams from MLB, NFL, and NBA.

The Miami Heat 59FIFTY features raised team graphics on the crown, and an unexpected touch of pink on its underbill for an eye-catching game day look. Pair it with its matching tee for maximum impact!

New Era’s Los Angeles Dodgers 59FIFTY features vibrant LA Dodgers graphics embroidered onto its crown to show which team you support, while its two-tone crown and bill add a fashionable flair to game-day attire.

Uptown Jiggie

Although some may scoff at the sudden rise in grey brim popularity, collectors like Pierre Morin and Jason Mead embrace it wholeheartedly. Morin runs Views From The Vault on YouTube alongside fellow cap collectors; together, they share knowledge about cap collecting and host regular livestreams to showcase their collections. Mead uses @hatcrawler on Instagram, which keeps an eye out for new caps being released each day so customers can purchase them.

New Era, the inventors of fitted hats, are capitalizing on this trend with their “Capture the Flag” line, introducing distinctive colorways inspired by pop culture references such as Raekwon’s Purple Tape or Fat Joe wearing Knicks blue with an orange Terror Squad patch and “Big Pun 4Ever” side patch.

TikTok user Jae Tips has made waves with his outfits featuring popular items that sell out within minutes after release – garnering him quite the following. While some may question this new wave’s sudden surge of attention, there’s no denying that this trend has only just started!