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What Camera Can I Bring to Concerts?


Many artists and venues have rules restricting fans from taking photos or videos using professional cameras and equipment, signing waivers, and paying additional fees. You may need to comply with such restrictions by agreeing to sign waivers or paying additional fees. Sort out the Top 10 Best Cameras for Concert Photography.

No matter your experience level or photographic needs, we have the ideal camera for concerts to capture all your memories in stunning quality and 4K video to relive the show.

Sony A7 III

The Sony A7 III is an ideal camera for concert photographers. Boasting a high-resolution, low-noise sensor with fast autofocus (AF), class-leading video performance, and an ergonomic, weatherproof body with ample buffer capacity to facilitate continuous burst photography sessions, it makes an excellent companion on any performance tour.

Though cameras are generally allowed at concerts, it is essential to remember that the primary aim is enjoying music. Too many photos or videos taken can interfere with other attendees’ enjoyment, and flashes can cause discomfort to performers who feel exposed in front of an audience; camera policies exist at concerts to minimize these problems and ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Panasonic Lumix S5

The Lumix S5 is an ideal camera for music videos and still images, thanks to its 24MP full-frame sensor and Panasonic’s In-Body Image Stabilisation that reduces shake by up to 6.5 stops when used with compatible lenses.

Record video in 4K resolution to make your concert footage shine brightly, or use its slow/quick shooting modes up to 180 frames per second for ultra slow shooting mode, plus select from an assortment of hyper-lapse recording formats for hyper lapses.

The S5 also boasts a range of valuable features for still photography, such as responsive autofocus and a burst speed of 7fps in low light environments, and an LCD viewfinder with 1.77 million dot resolution compared to 5.76 million dots found on Panasonic S1R/S2/T cameras.

Canon 90D

The Canon 90D is an APS-C camera capable of shooting high-resolution images at five frames per second in burst mode – ideal for concert photography – and featuring optical image stabilization to help reduce camera shake.

Concerts are incredible events for fans and professional photographers to attend, with both looking forward to taking photos at these incredible performances. However, both photographers must be aware of the rules and etiquette associated with concert photography to capture stunning photographs while remaining respectful to other attendees.

Remember that most venues have rules regarding the size and type of camera allowed into them, and bring along a small cross-body bag that will carry both your camera and essential accessories easily throughout the show. Doing this will allow more effortless movement between events as situations evolve throughout the performance.

Fujifilm X-T30 II

Photo and video taking at concerts is permitted as long as it follows the rules set by the venue. These policies ensure everyone can enjoy the show without being distracted by flash photography and camera flashes – particularly at performances known for elaborate stage productions where camera flashes could disrupt lighting effects and special effects.

This APS-C mirrorless camera is well suited for concert photography due to its fast and responsive AF system in low-light environments and its wide dynamic range that lets you capture details from both bright and dim areas of a stage. Furthermore, 4K video recording capability and slow motion modes give this camera extra creative options for concert photographers.

This camera boasts 18 film simulation modes to give your photos a nostalgic flair that will have everyone envying them. Its compact and lightweight form factor easily fits in your bag or pocket!

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV

The OM-D E-M10 Mark IV camera is an excellent choice for concert photography, featuring its lightweight yet small body and great zoom range that enables you to capture images from afar. Furthermore, its various film simulation modes add vintage appeal to your shots.

If you plan on bringing a camera to a concert, comply with its rules and etiquette to ensure all attendees enjoy an enjoyable and safe experience. Turn off flash photography and respect other audience members’ space as a courtesy. Be vigilant for memorable moments, including when an artist interacts with the crowd or an eye-catching visual element is present at any show you attend – this will help everyone have the best time!

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