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The Countries With Best Quality of Life


Regarding living a good quality of life, Germany, Canada, Sweden, and Finland are the top contenders. Each country is unique, but they all have many things in common. For example, they all have high economic growth and low crime rates. Furthermore, their economies are stable, which helps them attract high-quality talent.


The Germans live in one of the most harmonious cultures in the world. People have a healthy work-life balance and enjoy many passions outside of their careers. The German public has a positive relationship with law enforcement. As a result, German streets are generally clean, and there are few crime problems. They also have a robust economy.

Germany is an economically advanced nation with a clean and modern infrastructure. Its cities are walkable and have an efficient mass transit system. In addition, the population is highly educated. Germans also love their dogs and have no problem allowing them to accompany their owners in shopping malls and restaurants. However, dogs are not allowed in grocery stores or butcher shops.

The cost of living in Germany is relatively high, but it varies from city to city. Living in the major cities is expensive, but there are many social benefits. While the cost of living in Germany may be higher than in other countries, living in this country is a beautiful choice for people who want to enjoy a high quality of life with an outstanding work-life balance.


In terms of quality of life, Sweden is among the best. For example, the country has a perfect health care system. It also offers free education at the world’s top universities. Furthermore, Sweden spends more than any other country on social welfare in its GDP. But there are some glaring differences between Sweden and its Scandinavian neighbors.

Sweden ranks very high in the OECD rankings for quality of life. The country is also highly ranked for environmental performance, sustainable development, and freedom. It is also one of the most accepting countries for immigrants. However, despite its high quality of life, Sweden does not have the best cost of living.


According to a study by the 2020 Best Countries, Canada has the highest quality of life of any country in the world. The rankings are based on a survey of 20,000 global citizens who rated 73 countries on 75 factors. The country ranks highest in political stability, job market, and quality of education.

In addition to a high quality of life, Canadians also enjoy a healthy life, as the country has low rates of fatal diseases. The life expectancy for men and women in Canada is eighty-two years, one year higher than the OECD average. Furthermore, Canada has one of the lowest rates of HIV/AIDS globally, with an estimated 1.3 per 100,000 people infected with HIV.

Education is a significant contributor to Canada’s high quality of life. The country has the highest percentage of college-educated people of any country in the world. Its primary and secondary education is free, and its colleges and universities enjoy world-class reputations. Overall, Canadians are among the world’s most educated people, with 51% of people have graduated from college.


According to the Quality of Life Index, Switzerland ranks among the best places to live. In addition, the country’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Eighty percent of respondents rated their healthcare as excellent or good, outperforming the OECD average of seventy percent. Furthermore, Swiss citizens enjoy a high level of personal freedom, including the right to choose their doctors, hospitals, and insurance providers.

Switzerland has a well-developed rail network. As a result, trains are reliable and efficient, and nearly ninety percent of travelers make their connection on time. This makes the country’s railway system one of the best in the world.