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The Best Supermarkets in Denver


In Denver, you have your pick of grocery stores from Sprouts to Natural Grocers – but there’s also an old-school option that still stands out. These locally owned grocers will help you stay at home while supporting Colorado businesses at the same time.

Ideal Market in Capitol Hill offers an expansive selection of fresh produce and a deli section to buy sandwiches made with premium meats. Plus, it’s known for its gluten-free and vegan goodies.

Ideal Market

Are you searching for the highest-quality organic and gourmet grocery items in Denver? Luckily, there are plenty of top-rated stores – from charming boutique shops to well-known national chains. No matter what you’re searching for, Denver will have something that meets all your foodie needs.

Ideal Market, the high-end Boulder grocery store Whole Foods acquired as part of their Wild Oats acquisition in 2007, is now open in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Like its original location, this 22,500-square-foot location strives to maintain the brand’s community focus while furthering Whole Foods’ sustainability initiatives and signature offerings.

In addition to the usual Whole Foods selection, this location will carry customer favorites like Rhode Island-based vegetarian food brand Fantastic World Foods and Shaka Tea from Hawaii. There’s also a cafe, beauty bar, and bottle bar where customers can purchase craft brews from local brewers.

Gourmet Meat & Sausage Shop

When searching for premium ingredients to use in your kitchen, a butcher is usually the best bet. They carry an array of specialty meats, such as artisanal sausages and dry-aged steaks, that will have all your friends and neighbors jealous of your culinary prowess.

Gourmet Meat & Sausage Shop in Lakewood is a must-stop for anyone searching for premium cuts of meat and deli items. Additionally, they carry an impressive variety of unusual and hard-to-find proteins not found at other grocery stores.

Trey Felton has taken the traditional butcher shop to new heights by reinventing it with modern techniques to produce dried sausages with just the right amount of umami flavor. His innovative approach and knack for marketing have won him a legion of fans, from quality beef enthusiasts to foodies and wine connoisseurs who demand only top-notch products for their dinner parties.

Oliver’s Meat Market

Oliver’s Meat Market has served Denver since 1923 with only the finest meats and seafood. Through their years of experience, they have perfected their technique to offer only premium cuts to residents.

Jim and Rich Oliver tell us the story behind a family business that’s been around for five generations on Sixth Avenue – and it shows no signs of slowing down.

This shop is renowned for its corn-fed beef stalls, sausage, lamb, and more. Additionally, they provide fresh poultry as well as special orders.

They carry frozen foods for those with limited time or who need an easy meal on the go. Their canned items are tasty and convenient, allowing you to have a quick lunch in the fridge in no time!

They carry various food products, such as olive oils and balsamic vinegar. Plus, they offer a large selection of beverages like coffee and tea. This store is ideal for anyone looking to eat healthier and organically.

Pete’s Fruits & Vegetables

Pete’s is a small but cozy local market selling fruits, vegetables, imported deli items, and other goods. It has become an institution within Denver’s Greek community, drawing customers from far and wide.

This store features one of the city’s largest selections of heirloom tomatoes, an impressive array of exotic cheeses, and an expansive wine and spirit department. Additionally, their meat counter is one of the finest in town.

At Bodega 101, you’ll find an array of food-related treats, from standard bodega snacks to fresh baked goods and even a full gyros menu with house-made tzatziki sauce. This makes the store the perfect stop for picking up something special for your next meal.

This grocery store is employee-owned, so you can feel good about supporting local businesses. They carry an impressive selection of River Bear meats, MouCo cheeses, other local products, and several on-site food stalls. This unique grocery store deserves your consideration – its one-of-a-kind offerings make it worth the trip.