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Choosing the Perfect Boat for You


With so many boat brands, models, and designs available, your head might spin like Linda Blair’s! It’s straightforward to find yourself wasting a lot of time and money traveling to examine boats that, despite their appealing appearance and affordable price, are not the ones that best suit your requirements. Knowing precisely what kind of boating you intend to undertake and how you genuinely intend to use the boat is the first step in moving correctly. Think about these things. To read more about it, click here.

Are sailboats or powerboats more appealing to you? Remember that sailboats need deeper water to operate if you live in a shallow-water area.

Where specifically do you intend to spend most of your boating excursions?

Are you planning to take quick weekend trips and only stay on the boat for one or two nights?

How many individuals will you bring along each time you go boating?

Do you expect to spend weeks on your boat and engage in long-distance boating?

Are you merely intending to amuse friends and family with a day of boating and sightseeing?

How many people will you take with you if you need a boat to water ski or wakeboard behind?

Do you believe that offshore deep-sea fishing will be your primary use for the boat?

Would a boat that lets you sail and fish appeal more to you?

Are you mainly going to fish in shallower freshwater or saltwater backwaters?

How do you intend to keep your boat stored? (On a Boat Lift, In the Water at a Dock, On a Trailer, Within Dry Rack Storage)

Does your boat require a trailer? If so, you should inquire about boat trailer standards from your local Department of Motor Vehicles, considering the boat’s beam.

Many people would like a Cuddy Cabin if you’re thinking about smaller boats in the 18′ to 24′ size range to escape the sun or the rain. However, a Cuddy Cabin boat is not that practical if you intend to boat in Florida, for instance, unless you have a generator with air conditioning, especially in places with sweltering summers. Although you can open the cabin hatches and plug-in 12-volt isolating fans, the cabin can still get warm. Also, the number of persons you can carry on the boat will be limited if you have a small Cuddy Cabin because you lose most outdoor seating places, unlike a Bow Riders or a Deck Boat. Finally, it’s crucial to note that many compact Bow Rider models have a locking privacy head and locking dry storage area compartments, even if having a privacy head is the only feature you’re considering in a Cuddy Cabin.

You will be halfway there if you have a clear idea of how you intend to use the boat. The next step is choosing a spending limit you’d like to stick to. Remember that state sales tax will be charged to your purchase, and you’ll also need to insure the boat. We always advise our clients to have the yacht inspected by a Qualified Marine Surveyor before closing. Also, before closing on the ship, not after, is the time to have the Certified Maritime Survey Examination performed on the vessel if you are financing the boat.

It’s straightforward to spend a lot of time and money searching for valuable boats, but they have known problems with specific makes and models you might not know. To acquire expert, sound advice on what boat or yacht would best fit your unique needs, take the next step and locate a qualified and bonded yacht and ship broker. Ask to see the Yacht and Ship Broker’s license without hesitation, and if one cannot be produced, find another broker to represent you. The seller, not the buyer, is responsible for paying the broker’s commission. Therefore, your best bet is to work with a broker who has posted their yacht broker credentials online for you to check.

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