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Best Supermarkets in Seattle


Are you searching for an economical alternative to the big chains or prefer shopping at smaller independent grocery stores? Whatever your preference, these top supermarkets in Seattle have all your favorite foods under one roof.

These grocers offer fresh produce, meats and seafood at great prices. Furthermore, they support local businesses while providing convenient shopping options. Many stores feature Instacart delivery services and limited hours for COVID-19 risk shoppers.

Mekong Rainier

Mekong Rainier in Seattle offers a vast selection of Southeast Asian foods. The grocery store also has a banh mi counter and provides hot foods. They accept Washington Quest Cards and are an authorized SNAP retailer. Mekong Rainier is an international grocery store selling produce, meat and seafood – making it popular with Vietnamese shoppers looking for fresh ingredients. Its location is only steps away from Columbia City shopping and dining options.

Asian Family Market

Asian Family Market is not only one of the best places to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in town, but they also carry a wide selection of meats, fish, and other grocery items. You’ll find everything you need to make all your favorite Chinese or Thai dishes, plus much more – perfect for any occasion!

They’re located in Bellevue and worth visiting if you’re nearby. Their selection of beer and wines is impressive for a chain restaurant. Plus, with only six employees working there, prices stay low while still being cared for by an honest family-run business that pays its employees well.

H Mart

H Mart, a Korean grocery store founded in 1982, has become an iconic destination for Asian-American shoppers across America due to its substantial purchasing power and cost-effective procurement system. Customers can find various products at lower prices at H Mart.

HMart has stores located throughout Washington state, such as Lynnwood and Bellevue. The Lynnwood location boasts plenty of grocery space and a fun food court worth visiting.

H Mart has recently opened a location atop Capitol Hill Station, considered their urban convenience format. This is an excellent addition to the area.

Viet Wah

Viet Wah has long been a cornerstone of the Little Saigon neighborhood within the Chinatown International District. Owned and operated by Duc Tran, who came to Seattle as a refugee from Vietnam in 1976, this store bears his name today.

He opened Viet Wah in 1981 to fill a market void by selling groceries from Vietnam and other Asian countries. Soon, Tran expanded into another store, and the business has since blossomed to include two additional locations – one on Martin Luther King Way south in Rainier Valley. Tran says his decision to close the MLK market was due to a 20% increase in rents at the MLK location, which the Renton location managed to avoid.

Hau Hau Market

Look no further than this grocery store on the east side of Little Saigon for great prices on fresh produce. They offer an impressive selection at competitive prices.

It’s a buzzing hub of activity, from locals buying fresh fish and flowers to visitors exploring the gourmet food stalls. You can even take a guided tour to get better to know this bustling market.