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Phone Cases Made in USA


Phone cases made in America come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials – from lightweight carbon fiber cases to wooden issues and airplane siding options – some even come with warranties!

Hikawa recently switched careers and now makes cases full-time in her shed, using molds made of concrete from scratch and purchasing various-size dummy phones for testing purposes – to refine minute details like the length of pegs on her Poki design.

Magpul Industries Corp

Magpul Industries is an innovator within the firearms industry, known for its high-tech polymer and composite firearm accessories. These accessories are used by law enforcement and military units around the globe. Magpul’s innovations stem from real-world experience and practical solutions; their designs have garnered widespread acclaim among amateur shooters, hunters, competitors, and law enforcement/military personnel alike.

The company’s phone cases are made from impact-resistant polymer and feature a textured surface for improved grip, making them suitable for most iPhone mobile devices (3G/3GS/4/4S/5). Their cases are both firm and flexible to add minimal bulk while still functioning seamlessly with factory charging cables and headphone jacks.

Magpul’s M-LOK mounting system is another popular product. This modular accessory mount enables users to attach and detach accessories quickly. Featuring multiple slots for vertical grips, handguards, rail sections, and more – as well as being easily adjusted – users can use this versatile product on virtually any type of firearm with its easy adjustment process.

Magpul is a company that takes great pride in listening to customers and innovating when needed, which has enabled it to stay ahead of the firearms industry and the tactical gun market. All products manufactured by Magpul are American-made with various color choices available, and come complete with warranties to back up their services.

Magpul has come a long way since being founded as a small startup company in 1999, evolving into an international manufacturer of firearms accessories. Their initial product was a simple magazine puller used by soldiers to remove magazines from pouches – its success being evidence of American entrepreneurialism and innovation.

Magpul stands out among competitors by adhering to high quality and innovation standards in product design and manufacturing processes and by offering them at highly competitive prices. Magpul’s design team constantly seeks to improve and update products while developing new practical solutions. Furthermore, Magpul offers its products at highly reasonable rates and is recognized for manufacturing its goods efficiently.

Magpul Case was an enormously popular selection at SHOT Show Las Vegas, winning several awards. This stylish yet slim and compact case features a raised lip to shield its screen when laid face down and an attractive, small, compact design for easy pocket carry. A raised lip helps prevent impact damage to its display, while its textured surface offers enhanced grip for better pocket use. Available in an array of colors to meet individual tastes or customized with camo patterns or flags to reflect unique personal styles, check the company website to locate an authorized dealer near you!


Kasemakers offers handcrafted wood phone cases from the USA that feature limited edition designs and provide excellent protection from drops. Each has a raised lip to protect your screen as well as being made by a small team – perfect to express yourself! Their cases are constructed from natural wood for enhanced durability and eco-friendliness; plus, they’re easily skippable into and out of pockets without collecting dust like silicone cases are!

Many shoppers enjoy shopping locally for its convenience and enjoyable shopping experience, yet with malls across the country shutting their doors, it has become harder to locate products made locally. That is why it is vitally important that we support local businesses such as Kasemakers, an American-made product that strengthens local economies!

WUDN cell phone cases, produced in the US, feature eco-friendly materials like wood and TPU to provide eco-friendly, long-term protection for your device. TPU material makes waterproof and drop-proof cases, offering an ideal alternative to plastic, which is vulnerable to heat and moisture damage. Their slim designs also make these cases perfect for carrying in handbags or wallets.


WUDN stands for “What Are You Doing Now?” and is an informal way of asking someone what they are up to without becoming intrusive or too personal. This phrase can be used in various contexts, such as when querying friends or coworkers about what they are up to at present or responding to an interesting photo or video online; however, please keep in mind this expression may come across as too casual in professional environments.

Carved, located in South Bend, Indiana, is a company that produces hardwood phone cases made in America from locally harvested hardwood. Their custom laser-engraved phone cases offer MagSafe charging compatibility. In addition to phone cases, they also provide journals, notebooks, and business card holders made of wood; you can have your chances customized with text or images for a truly personalized and thoughtful gift!

Kasemakers is an American manufacturer that specializes in real wood phone cases made with limited edition designs engraved onto slim wooden chains for iPhone and Samsung models in multiple color variations. Kasemakers takes great pride in supporting domestic manufacturing through its efforts, and its small cases come equipped with engraving options perfect for showing support for domestic production.

Magpul Industries Corp, renowned for their polymer gun parts and accessories, offers durable American-made phone cases to protect devices from damage with an ergonomic textured grip for easier handling. Plus, their slim designs fit comfortably in pockets – these cases can be found online marketplaces like Amazon or Locally! The company manufactures its products out of Wyoming while having its headquarters located in Texas.