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Nidal Wonder Phone Number


Nidal Wonder is 12 years old and a resident of California in the US. Has quickly made a name for himself online with his gymnastic abilities and social media presence.

Self-taught flipper and Skybound athlete Aziz El Masri first rose to fame on YouTube along with his brother Juju. Together, they shared videos featuring flips, challenges, and entertainment.

He is a YouTube star.

Nidal Wonder, a gifted gymnast and YouTube superstar who has won over millions of fans online is best known for his incredible flipping skills and physical challenges, engaging content creation, and charismatic presence that has propelled him into global icon status at such an early age. With multiple channels dedicated to serving different niche audiences on YouTube, his fans continue to watch.

Nidal maintains his own YouTube channel, as well as co-manages one with his brother Juju called Juju and Nidal, which features videos of their flips, interests, hobbies, and family adventures, with over 1.3 million subscribers to date and many collaborations, such as with Jack Payne and Tanner Braungardt.

Nidal also actively participates in live events and appearances, plays video games in his spare time, and travels with his family. He’s even written a book chronicling his journey to YouTube stardom! Nidal serves as an inspirational role model to many who follow him online, inspiring many individuals to pursue their passions with optimism and genuine enthusiasm.

Nidal earns money through videos and live events as well as brand collaborations with various energy, sports, and clothing companies who recognize his influence, selecting him as their representative in the social media promotion of their products. Furthermore, his fame has seen him feature in various film and TV projects.

He lives with his family in Fresno, California, and attends a private school. He’s very close to both of them and often shares glimpses of life at home on YouTube and Instagram accounts. While reports surfaced of potential romantic interests for him, he prefers remaining discrete about them while entertaining audiences with his incredible flipping skills.

He uses both YouTube and Instagram accounts to showcase his talent and sense of humor through engaging videos. Additionally, he hosts live stream events and responds directly to questions from his fans in real time. Through social media, he has gained numerous sponsors and brands, which has further increased his popularity, even being featured on the television show Little Big Shots!

He is a gymnast.

Nidal Wonder is an incredible gymnast, YouTube star, and social media influencer with an enormous following at such a young age. He has charmed audiences worldwide with his gravity-defying acrobatic skills and captivating content creation, inspiring many others to pursue their passions. Nidal’s journey as an influencer exemplifies hard work and perseverance and stands as an incredible inspiration to fans worldwide.

Nidal Wonder, a self-taught flipper and Skybound athlete from Fresno, California, has amassed thousands of Instagram followers and millions on YouTube since debuting his abilities on Little Big Shots with Steve Harvey as host. Although famous and celebrated, he remains humble and approachable, often sharing glimpses into his daily life in Fresno to foster an emotional bond with his audience.

Self-taught gymnast David Blay owes much of his success to his close-knit family. With two brothers – Jamel and Jehan – and one sister, Jiji – to help support him along his journey, much of it is due to their close bond. Jamel runs his YouTube channel ‘Wonder Family,’ which documents their daily lives and adventures together, while his uncle Brad Jay (an established sports commentator himself) frequently appears as a guest star on its videos.

Nidal’s acrobatic skills and engaging content have earned him a loyal fan base on YouTube and Instagram, garnering him over 1.5 million subscribers on his channel and over 1.8 million on the track he co-manages with his brother. On Instagram, he boasts over 360,000 followers; his deep brown eyes, evincing determination and passion, make for an unforgettable visage.

Nidal’s impressive acrobatic talent has won him endorsements from major brands. He has collaborated with multiple companies to promote products and services like yoga mats and fitness clothing, as well as performing live events at places like Skybound Gymnastics Expo, where he showcases his flipping stunts for audiences. Nidal is currently writing up his experiences as a gymnast while creating his merchandise line, including T-shirts, backpacks, and hats; proud parents continue supporting his goals!

He is a social media star.

Nidal Wonder, an Instagram celebrity and self-taught flipper, has gained notoriety for his online acrobatic videos. He has earned himself an impressive following on this social media platform; his acrobatic skills have amazed viewers worldwide. Nidal’s charismatic persona and genuine enthusiasm for gymnastics make him an attractive candidate for brand collaborations; he has collaborated with energy drinks, sports apparel brands, and apparel manufacturers to promote their products while inspiring many budding gymnasts along the way.

Nidal began taking gymnastics lessons as a youngster in Clovis, California, and soon discovered his love of flipping. Soon thereafter, he started creating YouTube videos to share his flipping skills with his friends, quickly amassing a large following online. Over time, he collaborated with well-known flippers such as Jack Payne, Tanner Braungardt, Zayd Elie Bailey Payne, and Tammy Hembrow, among many others, and produced videos featuring different activities like flipping, jumping, and other tricks – leading him to be offered roles in movies and TV shows due to his immense popularity.

Nidal’s videos feature fun, humorous, and heartwarming content that engages viewers and draws new followers. He enjoys spending time with his family, which often makes an appearance in his videos. Nidal resides with both of his parents in Fresno, California, along with two brothers, attending private school while being heavily focused on career advancement. Nidal is an active member of both churches as well as enjoying quality time spent with loved ones.

Nidal Wonder Official boasts over one million subscribers on YouTube. Together with his brother Juju, they post videos focusing on flips, challenges, pranks, and entertainment. He uses his personal Instagram account, nidalwonder_official, to post his best-snapped flips. Nidal also actively supports charity events and has an affinity for animals; his positive attitude and humble demeanor have won him an extensive fan base worldwide, with natural abilities that inspire his viewers as well as being readily available to answer their inquiries.

He is a celebrity.

Nidal Wonder, an American Instagram and YouTube personality known for his backflips and gymnastics skills gained fame through self-teaching on both platforms. He earned numerous fans who looked up to him. Alongside social media accounts such as Instagram and YouTube, he also maintains his channel where he posts gymnastic-related tutorials and videos, currently boasting 191k followers on Instagram and 400k subscribers on both channels, more commonly referred to as the ‘Flipping Kid.’

His family is also well-known on the internet and boasts numerous YouTube channels. Jamel Juju’ Ajib is also well known as an accomplished flipper and sky-bound athlete; they frequently collaborate on YouTube. Nidal’s mother, aunt, and grandmother all make an impression through social media presence.

Nidal’s parents are very supportive, doing everything possible to ensure he enjoys an enriching childhood. Additionally, their website promotes content while giving viewers the ability to interact with them directly and access live events and workshops about fitness and healthy eating habits for kids. Nidal is blessed with loving parents who do everything possible to give him the best childhood possible.

He currently resides in Fresno, California, with his brother and parents. He enjoys a large following on Instagram, often posting photos with friends he meets, including meeting famous YouTuber Jack Payne, whom he then uploaded a picture with to Instagram! Furthermore, he has become an influencer for several brands, such as Spekr CBD.

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