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Make a Call With a Rotary Phone Purse


Fashion’s latest trend: purses that resemble old rotary phones – requires this inventive, high-fashion bag. To create it, unscrew each of the caps on either end of the handset and feed a piece of ribbon through them; tie and trim any excess ribbon as you go before screwing back on each cap – and your new purse is complete!

Invented in 1919

People unfamiliar with rotary phones will likely be amused at how long it seems to take for them to dial a number due to them being massive machines that require turning quite frequently for any quick response from the network.

Almon Brown Strowger of Kansas City created the rotary phone out of frustration from having calls rerouted incorrectly. His patent for it was granted in 1891, and by 1919, AT&T had introduced nationwide service of these phones based on his design; an A1 desk set was created based on his plan; early models featured lugs instead of more easily identifiable holes on its dial dials.

As technology advanced, people began adding features that extended how they used the phone in different ways. One breakthrough occurred in the 1960s with touch-tone signaling technology, which allowed users to press buttons instead of turning dials for fast switching and opened up consumer-activated communication services not possible with traditional pulse and rotary technology.

Today, most rotary phones are used as decorative pieces, and considerable interest remains in these vintage pieces. Each model’s value depends on factors like its age, condition, color, and any additional features it might possess; you can find listings for the sale of rotary phones on sites such as 1stDibs.

If you have an old rotary phone that you want to turn into a purse, the process is relatively straightforward. Unscrew both caps on each end of the handset, feed a thin black ribbon through each hole in turn, and secure each future into a knotted knot before screwing back on its caps – job done!

Still for sale

If you’re on the search for an eye-catching fashion accessory, this unique purse may just be it! With its retro dial design resembling that of a telephone receiver, red top that resembles its receiver ring tone ringtone reminiscent of a telephone receiver, and matching handset plug-in to connect directly with cell phone auxiliary ports without showing off all its cording, making this purse truly eye-catching in style – don’t miss it; shop SHOE DEPT today before it sells out.

Note: To create the handle, two pieces of coiled cord must be cut and fed through one of the ribbons until corkscrewed up underneath it.

A look back

Before cell phones and iPhones became ubiquitous, your parents may have advised you not to forget your wallet and put some change into a telephone booth slot so you could make calls. Phone booths were spread throughout town with rotary dialing rather than push buttons, so you could use this dialing for finding numbers or letters, then twist and twirl it until it hit its target location before letting it back off again at its starting point – an experience children today won’t ever enjoy. The charm and magic of this type of dialed phone is something their predecessors will never experience firsthand!

This purse combines nostalgia and modern technology. Just plug its handset into an auxiliary headphone jack on your cell phone to connect! Additionally, its crossbody strap can easily convert to backpack mode, making this the ideal piece to relive 90s nostalgia!