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Locate a Person by Phone Number


With today’s advanced technology, it is now possible to locate someone by their phone number. There are various methods for doing this – some free while others require fees. Steps to Locate a phone number.

Search engines, social media platforms, and reverse phone lookup websites offer practical methods for finding individuals. Paid solutions like Detectico and North App provide more comprehensive results and advanced features.

Social media platforms

Social media provides individuals with an avenue for keeping in contact with friends and family, building professional networks, connecting with like-minded individuals, advertising products, or participating in political activism. When searching social media platforms to locate someone, searchers must exercise caution and respect for the privacy of individuals.

One of the easiest ways to locate social media profiles by phone number is by using each platform’s search functionality. For instance, Facebook allows users to enter phone numbers into its search bar and see any associated profiles – this method works particularly well if an individual has linked their number with their profile.

Utilizing a search engine that specializes in finding social media profiles by phone number can also be effective, sifting through online sources like social media platforms, public records, and reverse telephone directories to give accurate and comprehensive results for its users. At the same time, some tools offer this service free of charge, and others require a subscription.

Additionally, social media offers another means of finding someone by using their username – many people use their nickname as their username, which can help narrow down your list of possibilities.

Reverse phone lookup

Reverse phone lookup services provide a powerful resource that allows users to identify who the unknown caller is. Reverse phone lookup can help verify someone’s identity, determine their presence in an area, or locate their home address. Some services also offer access to additional personal details like email addresses and social media profiles so you can search these as well – something which may come in especially useful when suspected partners cheat, or you receive suspicious calls from strangers.

BeenVerified offers one of the premier reverse phone lookup services, using public records to provide users with detailed information about the owner of a phone number. Its easy and quick search tool delivers results within minutes; once completed, a report will include details such as social media profiles and criminal or civil records for that phone number’s owner.

TruthFinder is another fantastic platform that makes reverse phone lookup easy and secure, providing access to both landline and mobile numbers for search. Furthermore, this site includes numerous tools such as background checks and investigative services that help provide all the relevant details of these numbers.


Whitepages is an online directory offering contact details of individuals and businesses alike, background checks, and identity verification services for over 250 million people in its database. Most services provided by Whitepages are free to use; however, reversing lookup phone numbers or accessing public and criminal records may incur fees; additionally, you can sign up for a trial membership to gain access to a limited number of searches at once.

Though the internet makes searching for phone numbers and addresses easier, it can still be challenging to obtain details about an unknown number. Many don’t want their data publicly available online – yet some may wish to have more insight into who’s calling them. In addition to locating phone numbers, white pages can also help identify spam and scam calls.

Whitepages provides free searches of landline and mobile phone numbers in the United States, along with associated names, states and cities, carriers, and relatives of those phone numbers. Additional detailed information, such as background reports or financial records, can also be purchased for a fee. If you don’t want your information accessible to others, you can opt out of the Whitepages database; removal usually takes approximately one week.

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