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Soccer Phone Cases


These cases go beyond what can be found at drug stores – they feature air pockets or other ways of dissipating shock for maximum protection of your phone.

TikTok influencers tend to favor this case for its combination of style and functionality, featuring a strap to secure their phone.

Standard Cases

Soccer fans typically look for cases that provide both excellent protection and show their team colors. Standard cases usually consist of silicone or other durable materials that cover the back and sides of their phone while having a raised bezel around its screen to guard against scratches and scuffs when laid face-down.

Casetify offers this case with a neck strap to wear it around your neck, as well as the Billie version with a thinner lanyard, cash and card slots, and an easily snap-closed pouch. Both versions boast protection from drops up to 4.9 feet; both come in black or pink colors, featuring biodegradable leather backing adorned with the team logo.

Rokform’s Rugged Case offers another strong option for protecting devices and accessories with MagMax magnets that are stronger than those found on Apple products, keeping devices secure while helping keep accessories close at hand. It also comes equipped with a built-in screen protector and port cover to prevent gunk from accumulating in USB-C and Lightning ports.

Wallet Cases

Wallet cases, typically made of leather or another durable material such as canvas, offer ample space for both cards and cash storage. There are various styles to choose from, including traditional folio wallet cases that act like conventional binders, as well as slim options with one card pouch. Many are MagSafe compatible, while some include an ID window slot; there are even eco-friendly versions made with recycled materials or biodegradable leather!

Some cases feature straps you can wrap around your neck or wrist to carry the phone hands-free, making this case perfect for soccer fans who misplace their phones frequently and reduce the chance of dropping them while playing. Lameeku cases with black quilted designs look high-end and expensive and feature leather straps with snap-shut clasps that let the phone be clipped onto it so it stays put while you play while still giving access to any calls or texts coming through.

This UAG folio wallet case is lightweight and compact enough for your iPhone without adding too much bulk. With RFID protection that prevents credit card skimming and an easy sliding panel accessing cards, this case can withstand 4.9-foot drops while boasting an inner lining made of “fiber suede,” showing how seriously the company takes environmental issues.

The Coach wallet case is another slim option with magnets to match those found on MagSafe chargers. Crafted from premium leather and featuring two card capacities, its colors range from midnight, elderberry, storm blue, succulent iris chalk pink, lilac olive.

Custom Juventus cases make an excellent addition to any fan of Italian football club Juventus. Each case can be personalized with player names and numbers for an individualized accessory that stands out in a crowd. Made from durable materials, they will protect your phone against scratches and scuffs effectively.

Clear Cases

If you prefer your device without its sleek brushed finishes, clear cases offer the ideal way to showcase its design. Furthermore, clear cases provide optimal protection for your phone – with some models even offering shock absorption and scratch resistance features. While most clear cases will yellow over time due to direct sunlight exposure and UV rays, keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from UV rays may help delay this process.

Numerous brands are producing clear cases with increased longevity, such as the best-selling case brand CASETiFY’s UV Defender technology preventing discoloration, making it the longest-lasting clear phone case available on the market. Other issues, such as Clckr’s, feature an elastic shock-absorption liner, which adds extra protection despite their slim profiles.

Other features that set these cases apart include their MagSafe capability, which enables you to easily attach your phone to accessories like bike or car handles with its MagSafe connectors. Another top pick from Rokform includes its rugged construction, which is designed to withstand rough handling, as well as its twist lock system for use with MagSafe accessories.

No matter your style of soccer fandom, there’s sure to be an ideal case or wallet style that meets all of your needs. Before purchasing anything new, read user reviews to gauge its reliability in real-life situations.

Custom Cases

Casetify, an innovative brand allowing users to design their cases, has seen enormous success thanks to TikTok. Working closely with influencers such as @ameliezilber (with over 7.2 million followers on TikTok), the company showcased its product before reaching its audience and earning massive success on TikTok.

Apps such as Caseit are fast and seamless, enabling you to transform Instagram or Facebook photos into unique cases for business or personal branding – or as an exciting way for soccer fans to show their passion for the game while showing team spirit with issues featuring names of their favorite players as well as jersey numbers! They make perfect promotional pieces or items to commemorate special moments.