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Lyrics to Runaround by Blues Traveler


My brother introduced me to blues traveler and their music. John Popper is my favorite harmonica player ever; I adore him.

This song tells a heartbreaking love story with a catchy tune. Additionally, it is frequently performed during live performances.

Run around

Blues Traveler was launched into stardom with their debut hit, “Gone,” after seven years of touring and three foundational albums. As one of Blues Traveler’s only pure pop hits at a time when most popular music consisted of either grunge or hip-hop, top 40 radio gave this tune heavy airplay; Blues Traveler quickly became a favorite on talk shows such as David Letterman, who hosted them multiple times where lead singer John Popper often bantered between sets.

Song Facts

Blues Traveler was established as part of the 1990s jam band revival scene through their unique blend of folk, rock, and blues music. Formed in 1988 by John Popper (lead vocals and harmonica), Chan Kinchla (guitar), Bobby Sheehan (bass), and Brendan Hill (drums), their initial three albums failed to gain mainstream appeal until 1994’s Four albums finally became their breakout success.

Song Meaning

To give someone the runaround is to cause them to go around in circles without ever reaching any meaningful conclusion; one suspect has been giving police the runaround for 22 years!