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I Thought It Was A Common Isekai Story


Isekai anime has long been famous. Typically featuring characters being transported into another realm, this genre follows a predictable path with predictable outcomes; however, some stories transcend expectations and elevate this genre.

This Isekai story is an outstanding example. With an engaging plot twist that will keep readers turning pages, this tale will keep their interest.


Isekai stories usually take the same formula: ordinary character is transported into another dimension where they face new challenges and opportunities for personal growth. While this formula makes the plot and characters easy to predict, some isekai manga take bold steps away from this model and surprise readers with unexpected twists that add depth and interest to their stories.

Isekai manga features protagonists from everyday backgrounds, making them relatable and accessible to viewers. These protagonists could include high school students, office workers, or ordinary citizens who find their lives unexpectedly disrupted when summoned into another realm. This gives readers a chance to identify with these relatable protagonists and thus increases both empathy and excitement for the story itself.

Isekai characters often have non-typical backgrounds yet possess special powers that set them apart from other characters in their fantasy world. This creates tension between protagonists and other surfaces, adding depth and dimension to stories featuring reincarnation or time travel themes. This technique is often employed in isekai manga series featuring such pieces.

Reincarnated characters can provide a compelling narrative dynamic in isekai novels, forcing viewers to reconsider their notions of good and evil. Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World depicts this perfectly, where Subaru Natsuki finds that he is now Satella’s sworn enemy after awakening one morning from sleep.

Though characters in isekai manga typically manage to adapt quickly to their new environments, they may still grapple with personal struggles from their past lives, such as moral ambiguity, betrayal, or love triangles – this tension makes the series all the more engaging as it allows viewers to relate more fully with characters on a human level.

Isekai (pronounced Iz-ka-i) is a subgenre of Japanese light novels and manga that centers on protagonists who travel into magical realms or parallel universes to experience adventures, often with life-altering results – such as Reki Kawahara in Sword Art Online, or they may share being reincarnated into more powerful versions of themselves such as Chie Shinohara’s Red River or Rumiko Takahashi’s Inuyasha. Izekai has become immensely popular within the shonen (or young boy) demographic recently, though women too enjoy reading isekai as much.


The Japanese light novels and manga genre of isekai have grown increasingly popular over time as readers enjoy its core concept: the main character is transported into another realm – often a fantasy realm – where they must face various challenges and adventures. Though this story might sound familiar, each isekai level has unique twists that engage readers.

Oft times, the protagonist in an isekai story will acquire special abilities or powers upon arriving in their new environment, creating both drama and excitement in the tale, but it should be noted that such powers may make the protagonist overpowered and unchallenged; some of the best isekai stories feature characters without special forces, which create tension and conflict in their storyline.

These isekai stories can take place in many different settings. Some take place in the past, like 1996’s Inuyasha, following Kagome after she falls down a well and into another period; others, like Re: Zero and Sword Art Online, take place within video games – becoming especially popular with younger generations who enjoy being able to live out their favorite video game in reality.

Isekai stories draw upon various world mythologies and religions for inspiration; for instance, Urashima Taro is an ancient Japanese tale about a fisherman who saved a turtle, becoming transported into a kingdom filled with wonder. The concept has existed since antiquity; it is no surprise that its popularity remains so prominent today in light novels and anime adaptations!

Though isekai stories have proven immensely popular, writers can still struggle to create innovative plots that engage readers. A key strategy is subverting readers’ expectations – something Baki the Grappler excels at doing brilliantly. Here, the main character doesn’t end up in their fantasy world as expected but is sent back home after being mistaken as its chosen hero and sent back home – providing a refreshing take on isekai storytelling! This unexpected turn can dramatically alter their experience of reading isekai novels!


isekai stories often revolve around being run over by a truck and reincarnated into a better world – this recurring motif appeals to audiences as an opportunity for a life do-over. According to experts, this trend contributes to its increased popularity; experts credit its rise with fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll or J M Barrie’s Peter Pan being classic examples.

The protagonist often dies tragically before awakening in another, better world entire of swords, magic, and dragons, thus giving these stories a thrilling sense of adventure not found elsewhere.

Many isekai stories feature characters with unique abilities or equipment that give them an edge against their adversaries, such as an unbeatable extraordinary power or an irresistibly powerful weapon that cannot be defeated through ordinary means. Such characters make these tales all the more captivating; however, to remain credible, they must also be balanced with solid plot and character development.

A compelling isekai story must feature an engaging hook that differentiates it from similar titles. This could take many forms: from an opening scene wherein the protagonist is introduced into their new world to plot points such as their death and subsequent rebirth to intricate tales wherein the protagonist struggles with work, romance, and family in this new landscape.

The protagonist must also establish emotional bonds with other characters in his or her new world to create empathy in his or her audience. Otherwise, they’ll quickly lose interest when the protagonist finds himself or herself constantly facing imminent death.

Even though the isekai anime genre is relatively new, it has already found great success on the Bilibili video platform in China and beyond. Of the ten most-watched anime titles featured on Bilibili in 2021, five were isekai titles; US anime streaming service Crunchyroll reports there is “great appetite” worldwide for isekai titles.


Isekai provides viewers and readers alike with an escape into magical fantasy worlds. These tales often include action-packed battles, tender moments, and unexpected plot twists; some excellent isekai tales also incorporate philosophical topics to add depth to their stories.

A compelling isekai story requires an engaging premise and an original setting – from an existing game, novel, or city – to stand out. Luckily, this genre offers many such anime with individual takes on the isekai concept.

A compelling isekai story requires an engaging backstory that provides context for why its protagonist finds themselves in their current state. Perhaps an entity has summoned them, or it may reveal who or where their true origins are; such an unexpected development could further strengthen and enrich the narrative experience.

One key aspect of any compelling isekai story is its characters. Both protagonist and supporting cast must be likable and compelling; although some isekai anime might feature all-powerful main characters, others offer more relatable protagonists, such as Handyman Saitou in Another World, wherein pro wrestler Saitou uses his strength to help people and animals in need – not precisely an all-mighty hero but still quite likable!

An approachable hero with an endearing personality can add depth and realism to the world. Yuuya from I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivalled in the Real World is such a character; his power-creation ability is astounding while at the same time working hard at building friendships among his new acquaintances. Character development in this comedy is excellent, and its narrative storyline keeps audiences laughing out loud!

An Isekai story must provide more than a strong premise; it should provide an immersive setting and engaging characters. One of the top anime in 2023, I Thought It Was a Common Isekai Story, does all three and should delight fans with its action-packed battles, funny characters, and unexpected plot twists.