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Kristal Bold by Eyal Holtzman


Kristal Bold is an eye-catching Renaissance text typeface with sharp edge-end strokes in uppercase letters that animate every paragraph. It is both expressive and harmonious enough for use with other scripts and typefaces alike.

Eyal Holtzman and Bold Monday’s striking font family features three weights with vivid and playful Italics as well as an Ornaments font – each boasting their own individual character set and language support.

Designed by Eyal Holtzman

Eyal Holtzman is a Dutch graphic designer specializing in corporate and retail typeface designs. He completed a four-year Graphic and typographic Design degree at The Hague’s Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) as well as postgraduate coursework on Type Design and typography, additionally co-founding 2 Kilo Design Agency as one of its partners.

Sympatico was designed for the visual identity of the theater festival Mooi Weer Spelen in Delft. Normandia features calligraphic roots, while Joel stands out with its letters that are “as unique” as any alphabet produced in the Netherlands.

Kristal is his take on Renaissance text typefaces such as Palatino or Bembo that appear calm but have hidden energy and liveliness. Kristal features acute stroke endings for uppercase letters reminiscent of blade-sharp ends in lowercase letters, vibrant italics, and an extensive character set to support multiple languages. It comes complete with an ornaments font and an extended character set, allowing users to customize its character further.

Inspired by Renaissance typefaces

Have you noticed Lydian Bold font everywhere, from Instagram feeds and bookstore shelves to billboards? Lydian Bold seems to be having its moment. With its bold weight, it features heavier strokes than regular/upright versions (but without being overwhelming). Lydian Bold seems to be enjoying an increase in popularity!

This classic text font still looks modern and elegant today, making it ideal for titles or body text that stands out to readers and headings, as it remains legible at smaller sizes.

Although some might view Kristal bold as outdated, its design is actually inspired by Renaissance text faces such as Palatino and Bembo – although not exactly in their traditional forms! Instead, unlike its classical predecessors, which may appear quiet and elegant, Kristal Bold is lively, energetic, and even slightly chaotic!

Slanted shapes and sharp angles distinguish it from other sans-serif fonts, standing out with its geometric sans design featuring rounded corners that evoke handwriting. Book cover designers often opt for this font due to its legibility at small sizes – which makes for more accessible book cover designing projects!

Arve Batevik designed the LL Supreme as part of Lineto. After earning his BA at Westerdals School of Art, Arve interned for Cornel Windlin in Berlin before eventually beginning work with Lineto after graduating – creating various cuts such as LL Ruder Plakatschrift during this time.

A versatile book face

Kristal Bold is an enjoyable book face, offering high contrast and legible size at text sizes between 16-20px. Additionally, its striking italic characters exude plenty of personality – almost blade-like italics reach out to readers when reading aloud. Kristal bold can also be used in monumental lettering, elegant card or cover designs, and is easily combined with script and handwriting fonts.

Note: Typographic emphasis refers to a feature of fonts that enables thicker and heavier letters than its regular or upright weights for emphasizing essential words, phrases, and sentences in text. Please consult our guide on typographic emphasis for more information.