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How to Regress to Level Up in Starfield


Starfield players looking to level quickly often turn to quests as an effective means of increasing experience fast and obtaining loot simultaneously. Searches provide high XP rewards and often result in helpful loot drops.

Han (protagonist of the story) made a grave error in his previous life and is determined to correct it in this life – which might mean taking on one of Europe’s beautiful women as his partner.

Character Development

Leveling up (verb) in role-playing and video games means increasing a character’s statistics and abilities through experience points gained during playback. Real life could mean realizing you have much greater capability than you think and taking steps toward realizing your dreams. After failing his college entrance exam, Han Li regressed to age eighteen to level up his life, during which he learned how to overcome fears, be more confident, flirt with affluent classmates, and flirt more successfully – while making some mistakes along the way!

*The estimated age may differ slightly.


Harem settings require many rules to work effectively, including having some characters who fawn over an attractive female character – usually someone as beautiful as she. And it seems the first female he met in his new life may just fit this description perfectly.


Regression is a statistical technique designed to determine the relationship between two variables. Regression’s fundamental concept is that, for example, the heights of people descended from tall ancestors tend to regress toward an average (known as regression towards the mean). Francis Galton first used this term in 19th-century biology studies; later, Udny Yule and Karl Pearson expanded its use for more general statistical applications.

The protagonist (MC) experiences many transformations throughout this tale. Each time, he acquires new abilities and forms new relationships – learning something valuable each time about himself in the process. An invaluable lesson he discovers along his journey is always staying true to oneself.

Harem genre stories often fail to reflect this reality; our protagonist isn’t going to become Genghis Khan, but they appear to be rich men with many girls flocking towards them in his new life and new prospects. He’s already made considerable strides since his last regression, having met European girl as his partner, becoming much more confident and making significant progress in life.