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How To Use Phone As Webcam For Google Meet


If you’ve been wondering about “How To Use Phone As Webcam For Google Meet?” you’ve come to the right place. While there are several different apps for the purpose, you should consider using a few. These options include Camo, NeuralCam Live, DroidCam, and Iriun. However, not all of them will work with Google Meet.


If you’re wondering how to use your phone as a webcam for Google Meet, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to connect your phone to a PC and begin using it as a webcam. The USB debugging feature on your phone will enable your device to see the webcam feed when it’s plugged into a PC. To do this, go to Settings > System> Developer options. Scroll down to the USB debugging section and toggle it on.

The next step is to install a webcam app. There are many available, but the best one is Zoom. You can use your phone as a webcam in Google Meet and other video calling apps. It works just like your laptop’s webcams, but it has a much lower video latency. If you’re looking for a higher-quality webcam, you’ll have to use a wired connection, which eliminates latency and sacrifices mobility. To use this method, you’ll need to enable USB debugging, which puts your phone at risk and makes it susceptible to data theft.

Once your phone has been connected to your computer, download a Camo application. You can use Camo for Mac or Windows. Connect the phone to the computer via a USB cable, open the Camo, and zoom in on the meeting you want to participate in. To use your phone as a webcam for Google Meet, click on the ‘Reincarnate Camo’ option. Your phone will appear as a webcam, and you can continue with the meeting.

If you can’t launch the video stream on Google Meet, you can try closing the video and reopening it. Often, this will fix the video problem. You can also check if the web camera drivers on your computer are up-to-date. If not, you can download and install the updated drivers. However, try a different computer if your camera is still not working.


You need to install the DroidCam app for Google Meet to turn your smartphone camera into a webcam. The application is easy to install and uses the camera built into your smartphone. The interface is not too difficult to use, and it’s easy to turn on and off. However, some features are only available in web browsers. If you’re having trouble using the camera feature, try disabling webcam access on the Droidcam app and use the camera instead.

To use the DroidCam app for Google Meet, you need to download the application to your Android phone or tablet. Once installed, you must grant permission for it to use the camera. The PC client will need the IP address and port of your DroidCam. On your Android device, check the box next to Video, and the camera will appear on the PC client. After you have completed the setup process, you can use the application to broadcast videos and photos on Google Meet.

To enable the camera, you need to turn off antivirus protection. Typically, antivirus programs will block webcam footage on Windows-based devices. However, you can disable this protection in your antivirus program and open the DroidCam app. If you’re still having trouble, update your webcam drivers. This should fix your problem. If you’re using a laptop, the webcam driver for your computer might be outdated and cause the issue.

You must grant the app access to your camera and microphone to enable the camera for Google Meet. This permission is required for the app to access the video feed of other participants. Check that the camera is located in a bright area and that other apps do not block it. You should also try to close other apps that use the web camera to access the camera. If all else fails, try tweaking the device’s settings to make it work.


The Iriun application turns your smartphone into a webcam capable of capturing 4K video. It requires no wires or other external devices and is ideal for video calls. Unlike traditional webcams, the Iriun uses your phone’s camera to transmit video from one computer to another. It works seamlessly and allows you to make video calls from anywhere! The app is available for both Mac and Windows and requires the same Wi-Fi network to work.

The app also supports Google Hangouts. To use Iriun as a webcam, you need to open Google Hangouts on the web, select the “Video” option in the menu, and then select Irion as your default webcam. The app is free to download and does not have usage restrictions, but it does require you to upgrade to the Pro version if you want more features. If you’re looking for a more advanced webcam app, Iriun is another excellent option. It lets you make video calls with your computer, and you can share your screen with your friends and family right from your phone!

It works with Skype and other video meeting software. You can use Iriun with your webcam on Skype and Google Meet, which automatically detects your webcam, so you can use it with your video calling program. Another great feature of Iriun is that it works with many different video chat programs. You can even record a video conference with your phone using Skype! The best part about the Iriun is that it’s completely free.

You can download the Iriun application for Windows or Mac. It requires permission to use your PC’s camera and microphone. Once installed, you can connect your PC to your phone’s Wi-Fi network. You’ll see a window pop up displaying your smartphone camera. From there, you can use Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. You can use your phone as a webcam for Google Meet or Zoom.