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Emmanuel Efeni – One of the Pioneers of Hard News Reporting in Nigeria


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Nduka Obaigbena’s debut newspaper THISDAY did not experience immediate success, as many new publications in Nigeria tend to run out of cash before finding widespread acceptance. However, through sheer determination and innovation, this paper managed to weather the financial difficulties often associated with newspapering in Nigeria.

Founded by Nduka Obaigbena

Nduka Obaigbena, Chairman of This Day/Arise News, was recently recognized with National Honour – Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON). President Muhammadu Buhari presented this honorary award as recognition of his dedication and service in Nigeria’s development; furthermore, he has tirelessly advocated media as an instrument of good governance and public accountability.

Nduka Nduka, commonly called Eni-B, brings vast experience from both private and public sectors. An Edo College Benin City graduate and the University of Benin, Eni-B has attended professional courses in the U.K. and the U.S. as part of his training. He also belongs to the Nigerian Guild of Editors and the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations.

Nduka began his media career as the Nigeria Representative for Time Magazine of New York and held multiple leadership roles within Nigerian press organizations, such as chairmanship of NPAN and the Nigerian Newspaper Proprietors Association (NNPA). Additionally, he served on several international boards and committees, such as co-chairman of the Africa Media Leaders Summit held recently in Dakar, Senegal.

Nduka is an active member of the International Press Centre and Centre for Independent Journalism in Lagos, serving on their board and lecturing at several universities as a guest lecturer. Nduka also actively supports youth development, having helped set up several training centers geared explicitly toward young journalists.

Emmanuel Efeni

Emmanuel Efeni is one of the pioneers of complex news reporting in the Nigerian press. As founder editor of THISDAY and having held this position for more than three decades, Efeni has contributed immensely to making THISDAY one of Nigeria’s most widely read newspapers and authoring several books on journalism and leadership.

Leaders & Company Ltd launched The Nigerian newspaper in 1995 and quickly earned a reputation for breaking significant stories across business, politics, and government. It was the first newspaper in Nigeria to use satellite-enabled networks to print simultaneously from two printing plants – in Lagos and Abuja – simultaneously. Since then, it has become a national brand, with an extensive distribution network covering 40 offices and numerous awards, such as Newspaper of the Year being given out each year. Today daily editions can be found across Lagos, Abuja, and Niger Delta daily editions published daily by Leaders & Company Ltd, which owns and publishes daily editions in Lagos/ Abuja/Niger Delta/.

This newspaper is a member of the African Editors Network and the Foreign Press Centre in Tokyo, Japan. Their editorial team comprises experienced journalists with expertise working for publications like Vanguard and African Concord, while their staff possess knowledge about Nigerian politics. Furthermore, they have attended professional development programs both domestically and abroad to stay current in their field and belong to the Nigerian Guild of Editors.

Nwogwugwu Obaigbena

He was the first publisher in Nigeria to pioneer simultaneous printing and built an expansive network of regional offices for THISDAY. Additionally, he attracted some of the industry’s best writers, such as Pini Jason, Uzor Maxim Uzoatu, and Sonala Olumhense – his bold personality helped set him apart amongst his colleagues.

He introduced the THISDAY Music Festival, featuring top international and Nigerian local talents, and hosted ARISE Fashion Week in New York, London, and Milan. He is also an avid collector of fine art and a public affairs commentator. Additionally, he serves as Chairman of THISDAY Group as Publisher for Thisday, Nigeria News Today ARISE Magazine, and AFRICAN MARKETS magazine, annually meeting publications for IMF/World Bank meetings.

Nonpayment of salaries had a devastating effect on staff at THISDAY and their families. Senior editors withdrew their children from private schools because they could no longer afford tuition fees; wives, children, and family members feared hearing stories of hopelessness at home while Obaigbena lavishly showered himself with world leaders and entertainment celebrities as his riches piled up.

Jude Okwe was an outstanding young and promising Deputy Editor who succumbed to terminal illness due to lack of funds, yet could not seek adequate medical treatment in time. This tragedy will long haunt Nigeria.

Nduka Obaigbena Jr

Nduka Obaigbena, best known as the founder of Nigeria’s widely read daily newspaper Thisday and Arise News Channel (one of Africa’s most trusted sources for news), founded both. Now with offices across Africa – Johannesburg, Lagos, and New York City – Arise News Channel has become an indispensable media component in Nigeria.

Nigerian journalists do not always receive their total salaries. State governments frequently threaten and detain journalists who criticize their policies, as security forces arrested two students from disrupting Independence Day festivities at a university in Gombe; two protesters were shot dead during marches held that same day in Abuja, while President Olusegun Obasanjo’s inauguration saw no implementation of all Nigerian Press Council recommendations by government authorities.

Obaigbena believes there is much more to Africa than wars and famine, so he created the African Rising Music and Fashion Festival to demonstrate its rich cultural diversity. This year’s festival will take place in Washington D.C. Guests include supermodels and leading African designers; Peter Obi and Dr. Kayode Fayemi will lecture on Governance and Policy Implementation at Western Delta University (WDU). This festival serves to emphasize Africa’s wealth and beauty.

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