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EA Robotron Review


The ea robotron is a forex expert advisor that has been back-tested over 15 years of data on multiple currency pairs. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants consistency and longevity in their trading.

This expert advisor is devoid of emotional instability and works in a completely calculative environment. It will not make spur-of-the-moment decisions and will compile the facts and figures to avoid fear, apprehension, and stress.

It is compatible with MT4

The ea robotron is compatible with MetaTrader 4 (MT4), which makes it ideal for trading forex. The robot is compatible with any broker that uses MT4. Download the files and transfer them into the correct MT4 folders.

It is possible to customize the settings of this expert advisor, including lot size, risk percentage, and trading style. This allows you to trade with the highest level of accuracy and security.

Four packages are available, ranging in price from $299 to $999. Each package includes a license, dedicated lifetime support, free updates, and access to all currency pairs.

It is a scalper

Forex Robotron is a Metatrader 4 (MT4) EA that uses a scalping strategy. It opens and closes trades for a few pips during low market volatility.

The robot is compatible with US, Non-US, and Islamic-friendly brokers and has a money management system that allows traders to adjust their lot sizes or risk levels. It also has a unique order ID feature that allows you to set up a different order id for buy and sell trades on each chart so they do not clash.

This is a famous forex robot with verified historical results and a reputation for longevity, consistency, and excellent customer support. However, many factors affect the performance of a forex robot, such as brokers, capital deposits, and spreads.

It is a trend follower

This is a highly sophisticated and well-built forex robot that delivers super precise signals. It produces the best possible entry and exit points, allowing you to ride the trend to the end.

It also has several other features, including the ability to differentiate between different charts, which is helpful if you have multiple accounts. It also has a fancy-fangled trading algorithm that can make sense of complex market conditions.

The ea robotron’s settings are not that difficult to configure, and they can be customized for a wide range of risk appetites. Its impressive suite of features includes several clever tricks that will stand out from the crowd, such as an intelligent auto-decision feature that automatically selects the best trading strategy for each situation.

It is a swing trader

Ea robotron is a forex trading robot that uses price action and trend strategies. It also employs basic indicators such as CCI and PPO to pinpoint market entry points.

This forex robot is available for download directly from the software developer’s website or on partnered brokers’ websites. It can be set up and run on MetaTrader 4 platforms.

It has an adjustable start and end hours to only trade during specific sessions, which can benefit traders who prefer lower market volatility. It also has a sleep timer to prevent it from triggering trades when the market is volatile.

This EA has been back-tested over the years and can perform well with various settings on multiple currency pairs. It has been tested in the MT4 strategy tester, which allows it to use actual tick data and variable spreads.

It is a day trader

Forex Robotron is a day trading robot that trades on Metatrader4 on EURAUD, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURGBP, and EURUSD currency pairs. It is a result of years of programming and testing.

It is backed by verified live statistics and backtesting data. However, it uses a risky strategy that leads to a high drawdown.

The software has a sleep timer that deactivates the EA after it loses a trade to avoid entering a runaway market. It also has a position size that can be adjusted to suit your trading style.

The software will trade a few times daily, depending on your settings. It is set to change during the New York and Asian sessions and can be set to stop trading before the markets close on Fridays and Sundays.