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Crunchyroll Originals – Tower of Gods


If you are looking for an engaging manhwa with a captivating plot and exceptional character development, look no further. Set in an imaginary place known as The Tower and protected from outside interference by sturdy doors that seal it from view, only those deemed worthy by Headon can ascend its hallowed halls.

1. The story is good

The story and characters are pretty well developed; however, some aspects could have been improved. Pacing can sometimes be too quick, and there may have been additional scenes cut that could have been included to enhance the storyline.

One of the most captivating aspects of this manhwa is its depiction of Gods. One Goddess felt rejected by Poseidon and decided to reincarnate as a high school boy to get revenge against him.

This manhwa is set in the Tower of God, which is sealed off from the outside world by impenetrable doors that only specific extraordinary individuals can open. Twenty-fifth Bam is one such individual – this book should not be missed! Plus it ends on an unexpected and engaging note!

2. The art is good

Some manga series stand out for their captivating stories and stunning artwork, such as Unholy Blood, Noblesse, and Tower of God.

These manga feature beautiful illustrations and detailed character designs that make them visually arresting, captivating plots and worlds, making them ideal for fans who enjoy fantasy and adventure stories.

This manga’s art is exquisite, especially its striking shading technique, which draws readers in immediately and keeps them engaged. Though initially confusing, this manhwa will prove well worth reading!

3. The characters are good

This manhwa tells the tale of a deity who takes the plunge to enter the mortal realm and live among humans, only to discover they are far more complex than she anticipated and must find ways to adapt while keeping her mischievous ways intact.

Tower of God is a Korean manga serialized on Naver Corporation’s LINE Webtoon platform. Created and illustrated by S.I.U., it was later made into an anime series on Crunchyroll.

Tower of God features fascinating and well-developed characters. The protagonist, Prince Arthur, must enlist help from a mountain bandit to escape a world of chaos and destruction.

4. The plot is good

With captivating plots, Manhwas can engage readers, keeping them interested throughout. Such compelling stories often cause readers to want more episodes than similar manga titles. This may explain why certain manhwas contain more attacks.

This manhwa follows a girl as she becomes the Goddess of her country and fulfills their prayers. However, living as such a divine figure proves challenging – she must deal with many challenges.

Baek Hwi Bom encounters an incredible character during the first season of Headon’s Test; she claims to be Celestial God Byyako and, along with him, they track down those treacherous sages responsible for mishandling divine powers and hunt down their source. This adventure manga deserves reading – its art and action are excellent!

5. The music is good

Tower of God is an original Korean manga adapted from a famous novel of the same name, making an impactful addition to Crunchyroll Original’s lineup. Fans have taken notice of its exciting fight scenes and unique story arc, but many critics have taken issue with its rapid pace and some dialogue being left out altogether.

The plot of this manga centers around a goddess who is reincarnated into a high school girl and fulfills prayers from those who pray to her but finds it challenging to interact and communicate with humans.

This manhwa is ideal for fans of fantasy and adventure. Its art features exciting characters and themes and is gorgeous; furthermore, it is available both online and as a hardcover edition.

6. The story is good

This manga centers around Gods, with one being its protagonist. It follows the adventures of a girl who finds herself suddenly thrust into their world – this tale promises excellent excitement!

It is an intriguing manga with an engaging story, memorable characters, and beautiful artwork – an absolute must-read for all manga fans!

The story follows a goddess who felt rejected by the God of the Sea, so she decides to reincarnate as a high school boy in order to exact revenge against Him. However, life as an ordinary teenager proves far more challenging than anticipated but she remains determined in her plan and begins searching out cheaters with help from Baek Hwi Bom (an animal with four heads).

7. The characters are good

A young woman awakens in a world ruled by gods, startled to find she has become one. Soon, she learns she was once one and is determined to take revenge on Poseidon, the God of the Sea.

This high-octane action manga, with its original plot, will surely captivate audiences. The story explores themes of power, greed, and revenge while exploring human nature and its limits.

Character development and recall are well done here, especially the main protagonist, Urek Mazino, who stands out as an incredible badass and unafraid of any challenge, proving himself time after time by flirting with many of Jahad’s Princesses – making for a highly compelling follower character and companion in Urek Mazino alone! Additionally, all other main characters are engaging, yet sometimes can drag down the plot too much.

8. The art is good

This manhwa features impressive art, especially its background. Numerous details in each corner add depth and dimension to the story. Additionally, the characters are well-drawn and easy to comprehend – making this an enjoyable read for fans of action and adventure!

This manga follows Athena, who felt she was rejected by Poseidon – God of the Sea. As revenge against him, she decided to reincarnate herself into a high school boy to seek revenge on him; will she succeed in taking it?

Betrayal is part of life ruled by gods and sages; when Prince Yi Moon loses all his bodyguards, he turns to mountain bandit Jae-ha for assistance. Together, they must fight betrayal, mischief, and various dangerous creatures!

9. The story is good

I have read numerous manhwa featuring gods. Unfortunately, not all are great; many feature over-dragged stories that make it hard to stay engaged with the series and include unnecessary plot points that don’t add anything new or relevant to its narrative.

Tower of God is another good manhwa featuring gods. This manga focuses on Twenty-Fifth Bam, who finds himself trapped under an unfamiliar tower without anyone to care for him – yet with an opportunity to rescue his friend Rachel, who’s trapped within.

Dawns the Gods is a manga series that chronicles Chao, an immortal god expelled to the earthly realm by his race for violating their rules of detachment from humans and not becoming attached emotionally.

10. The music is good

Music is an integral component of creating an anime; it sets the mood and can stir emotional responses in viewers. The God of High School features good tunes that complement its story perfectly.

This manhwa follows Hee-ji, a goddess who grants the wishes of those who pray to her. However, her life is difficult; she often finds herself being cheated upon or dealing with other issues.

Yongje Park, who has worked on various projects throughout his life, is the author of this manga. A master animator, he has animated popular animes like Garo and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Drawing inspiration from video games and movies alike, as well as popular fighting game franchises such as Tekken and Street Fighter, he uses these sources of influence in creating his mangas.