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How to Make the Most Out of Your Instagram Highlight Cover


Instagram Highlights are an effective way of sharing essential posts with followers without risking 24-hour expiry as Stories do and will remain visible on your profile page for at least seven days after you share them. The best guide to finding private instagram viewer.

Highlight covers offer an invaluable branding opportunity to showcase your company’s voice and style. Incorporating logos, colors, fonts, and design trademarks will create cohesion between your Highlights.


Instagram Highlights (also called circles on your profile) is an effective way to organize and display stories on Instagram, drawing the eye of followers while making your profile stand out from the competition. Designing highlights with an eye-catching aesthetic will bring in new ones as followers explore your stories!

An effective way to make your Instagram highlight covers more unique is by using custom fonts. This will create a more professional aesthetic and help your followers recognize your brand. In addition, you can customize text color, background, and icon features – the latter allows you to add symbols or other graphics directly onto the highlight cover design! Once designed, upload it onto Instagram, which will automatically serve as your highlight cover when sharing stories through your account.

Making a highlight cover with Over is simple with its free design tool. It offers multiple design templates to fit your unique style and adds text quickly via Over’s text icon in the bottom panel. Choose a font from their font selection or an array of color options to match your brand colors or storytelling goals. Instagram Stories highlights covers are small, so creating something visually pleasing is critical, and keeping imagery relevant to brand and company storytelling goals should also be prioritized.

For an advanced way of creating Instagram Highlights covers, Photoshop or another photo-editing app may be your answer. One excellent resource available is the free Instagram Highlights Template Pack for Photoshop; these templates make creating unique designs easy! They’re even suitable for any Instagram story!

Once your highlight cover has been designed, save it as a JPG or PNG file on your computer before uploading it to Instagram by tapping “Edit Highlight” and choosing “Add New Highlight.” Additionally, this process allows for adding titles as well.

Instagram highlights are an effective tool to promote content on the platform and increase brand exposure. Not only are highlights an excellent way of sharing stories, but they can also be an invaluable way to gain new followers and expand your business. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how best to utilize this feature – highlighting covers will allow you to add custom designs that enhance your profile and increase views!

Instagram highlights are prime real estate. Therefore, they must be visually striking and well-designed to capture the attention of your target audience. Adding your branding – such as logos, fonts, or other design trademarks – into these highlights can also create a consistent aesthetic for your brand that makes it feel more professional.

An adequate Instagram highlight cover should be easily legible in small sizes. Additionally, it should feature an icon or graphic to represent what content you’re sharing – for instance, a fitness influencer might feature their record bench pressing as their highlight cover, while food bloggers could feature a mouthwatering dish instead.

To create an Instagram highlight cover, long-press on a highlighted story and select the circle icon. From here, you can choose an existing photo from your camera roll or upload one you have made before, choose one, tap “Edit Cover,” edit its title/image, or resize by pinching and dragging as necessary.

Use a consistent color palette and logo, but also incorporate different styles of icons for each Highlight to make them visually exciting and cohesive with the type of your feed. Also, be sure that they match!

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Instagram Highlights are integral to any business’s Instagram profile, displaying key content prominently at the top. Highlights can keep your audience informed and engaged by keeping them up-to-date on all your company news. Plus, they’re an effective way to promote products or services using photos and graphics – with covers designed to match your brand aesthetic for maximum impact.

An Instagram Story or Highlight cover photo can be an image taken from one of the stories contained within that Highlight, or you can design something custom yourself. For optimal results, it is wise to maintain a consistent design style throughout all your cover photos for optimal professional-looking profile pages; this could include custom-designed cover photos created using graphic design software like Canva and stock images that represent the content you post.

Given that a Highlight’s cover image only represents part of its overall design, its text must be easy and straightforward to read. Also, use keywords to draw interest to its content. You can use Edit Cover Text below your cover image to change an existing highlight’s text or make changes directly on your phone.

As you design an Instagram highlight cover, remember that its design must be suitable for cropping into circles. Also, use an image with high-resolution and brightness settings so your photos look clear.

Instagram highlights are an increasingly popular feature for brands on the platform, providing a simple yet effective way to increase engagement and drive traffic to your profile. By creating highlight sections dedicated to different types of content – events, product launches, or new blog posts – your followers will always stay informed about what’s happening at your business and quickly locate any information they require.


Instagram Highlights are an effective way to showcase and interact with your best content, engaging your followers while adding a cover image for each Highlight. While many use this feature, few know they can customize each highlight cover image for a more cohesive and professional look on their profile; this small detail of profile design can make an enormous impactful statement about who you are as an Instagrammer!

Setting up custom covers for each Highlight is simple. Tap “Edit Cover” when publishing or editing an existing Highlight to select any photo from your Stories to feature on it, choose a background color option, add icons/emoji/text, etc., and hit publish or edit!

Instagram highlight covers should be both creative and consistent with the rest of your content. For instance, if your feed focuses on nature-themed Instagram photos such as landscapes or flowers, create highlights featuring these elements to tie them all together so your audience recognizes and remembers you more easily.

Create Instagram highlights featuring graphics related to your brand and business, such as your logo or tagline, that showcase its identity and draw potential customers into visiting your website or shop. Doing this will allow Instagram audiences to connect more deeply with your business and encourage them to see it more frequently.

For creating Instagram highlight covers, a free app offering templates and tools is available for iOS and Android devices. Once you select one of their templates, save it as a file before uploading it to Instagram – this same app can also be used to make Instagram stories or other social media posts!

Substituting your Highlights cover with one that matches the personality and aesthetic of your brand is an easy and exciting way to enhance its visual identity, helping users quickly find content they care about. Furthermore, custom covers reinforce brand pillars like colors, logos, and imagery while strengthening them visually.

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