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Victorian Trading Co is Closing Its Online Stores


Victorian Trading Co is a retail venture that specializes in goods with vintage aesthetics. Their selection has attracted an appreciative clientele who appreciates the period’s refinement and beauty.

Reducing sales could be one of many reasons a product is discontinued, while others could include adjustments in operational expenses, component availability, and quality issues.


Victorian Trading Company draws its clothing and accessories inspiration from Victorian-era fashion and aesthetics, paying particular attention to minute details and intricate patterns that make their products fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. Their hats and dresses, for instance, boast intricate pleats or feature lace details. In addition to clothing sales, Victorian Trading Company provides home decor items and gifts such as candles or perfume.

The company’s vintage-inspired merchandise has attracted an enthusiastic customer following, including those who appreciate the regal and elitist qualities associated with Victorian times. Additionally, they sell antique-inspired jewelry. Their website is easy to navigate, and customer service representatives are available by phone, email, or live chat.

Victorian Trading Co offers free shipping on orders of specific amounts, but customers should read through their return policy carefully as returns must be completed within a specified number of days and returned in their original packaging; additionally, unworn and unused products cannot be accepted back.

Victorian Trading Co coupon codes on Goodshop can help you save money when purchasing. These coupons can be applied to your entire order or just one specific item and are often stackable; there may be sitewide promo codes and percent-off discount codes, which provide even further savings opportunities.

Signing up for their email newsletter allows you to gain exclusive coupons and sales updates while they offer multiple sales throughout the year with 15% discounts on items purchased. Follow them on social media such as Facebook or Twitter so you don’t miss any upcoming sales and promotions!

While their headquarters remain in Dallas, Texas, their business has expanded internationally. Furthermore, they provide various shipping options, such as standard and next-day delivery, to guarantee your package arrives undamaged.

Home Decor

Victorian Trading Company is a retail company that specializes in vintage-inspired home decor, jewelry, clothing, and gifts for home and life. Drawing inspiration from Victorian England, their products encapsulate their romance and elegance through lamps, figurines, dresses, handmade items, and more authentic pieces from third-party sellers and online marketplaces.

The home decor collection from Vintage Charm includes pieces such as armchairs and beds with vintage-inspired designs. Additionally, they sell accessories like scented candles and perfumes to create an atmosphere conducive to romance in your home and gift lines ideal for any special event or milestone anniversary.

Though the company’s website lists all of its products, some have been discontinued due to low sales, operational expenses or component availability changes, quality issues, or new product development. While these products may still be available through other retailers or via direct purchase from them directly, if available at all, the Victorian aesthetic will ensure these will always remain popular choices amongst fans of Victorian culture and history.


Are you searching for gifts with a vintage flair? Look no further than the Victorian Trading Company. Offering accessories that capture the spirit of Victorian life, such as jewelry, hats, and handbags, while home decor items, such as furniture and textiles, add elegance to any space – this company provides all things Victorian.

This company’s accessories and home goods collection draw inspiration from Victorian fashion aesthetics, which has won them an avid customer following. Many products of premium materials boast intricate patterns with exquisite detail, perfect for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Melissa Rolston and Randy Rolston established The Rolston Co in Dallas, Texas, in 1987, initially focusing on selling retro greeting cards. Still, they later expanded their product range to include antique-inspired replicas. Since then, they have grown globally as an international retailer; their products have been seen on TV shows and films! Plus, they’ve won multiple awards for outstanding customer service as well. Alongside offering unique merchandise, they also provide services tailored to meet customer needs.

Closing of offline retail outlets

Are You Wondering Why Victorian Trading Company Is Closing Offline Retail Outlets? As an avid admirer of Victorian fashion and aesthetics, The Victorian Trading Company may have garnered your interest with its focus on style from that era and exquisite products made with premium materials and beautiful detailing – such as hats and dresses with intricate lace details and ruffles crafted by The Victorian Trading Company as well as gifts suitable for giving.

Unfortunately, many factors could force a company to discontinue a product. These could include low sales volume, adjustments in operational expenses or component availability issues, quality issues, and the development of new offerings from competitors. It’s impossible to know why something has been discontinued until official confirmation from the company itself.

Remember that item discontinuation is an integral part of the retail industry, and companies need to ensure their products meet customer demand and are profitable.

Furthermore, some offline retailers are shifting towards online shopping due to convenience and affordability concerns. Customers favor socially responsible and environmentally-friendly goods over traditional ones – one reason Victorian Trading Company has struggled. But thanks to e-commerce growing popularity, there may still be hope for some retailers to survive the COVID-19 pandemic while maintaining their business.