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Legendaries in Trading Value Adopt Me


2. Ultra-Rare Items

The 2020 Trading Update introduced ultra-rare items into the game. Before its introduction, players could only trade up to four items each day; ultra-rare items can now be traded if both parties pass the Trade License test in Safety Hub; however, passing it imposes a cooldown period before any transaction can go through, and both must press “accept” first before any trade can go through.

Gaining these pets will significantly strengthen your hand during trades, as they can be exchanged for Legendary Pets or other rare items. Blue Dog and Meerkats are currently two of the most valuable ultra-rare pets available; more may join this list in future updates.

4. Legendary Pets

Legendaries in Trading Value Adopt Me are still valuable assets, though not as highly sought after as rare pets and ultra-rare items. Legendaries can help boost trade offers considerably and make excellent long-term investments. However, be mindful that these pets may be harder to come by and subject to price fluctuation; it would be prudent to monitor trade communities or online discussion groups regularly to stay abreast of their current prices.

Acquiring legendary pets can be challenging since it takes four of each type to form a Neon Legendary Pet and sixteen to form a Mega Neon Legendary Pet. Additionally, players must endure a lengthy and complicated process in the Neon Cave to acquire these pets, so they must carefully consider each trade before selecting one.

Adopt Me! Uses an efficient system for evaluating the values of every pet, extra item, and egg listed on their platform to help players ensure they always make fair trades – this value list allows players to determine what would constitute an equitable offer when trading pets – helping prevent scamming or taking advantage of other players on Adopt Me!

Players can tap another player’s avatar to trade in the game and select the available trade option. Both parties will then have a limited amount of time to choose items for trading before both must press a green ‘accept’ button on the screen to complete it successfully. If either party selects red ‘decline’ buttons instead or leaves before finishing trading can occur successfully, it will fail.