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Utensils Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Kitchen utensils play an essential part in keeping food safe and delicious, enhancing flavor and health benefits. Our favorite metal-crafted tools can withstand high temperatures with ease!

Manjusha stores may be harder to come by nowadays due to more sophisticated competitors, but this shop in New Market still provides reasonably priced Bengal-made ceramics and more at reasonable prices; their Domit range of kitchenware products is especially beloved.

1. Manjusha

Manjusha is one of Kolkata’s oldest kitchenware stores and remains immensely popular with residents and visitors. Offering products from Indian and International brands, along with handmade utensils and earthenware crafted by artisans based locally or exported abroad. Manjusha has even begun shipping some of their goods. Renowned for its blue ceramics and eco-friendly pottery pieces crafted with blue glaze ceramic, its location near Park Circus Maidan makes Manjusha an attractive shopping spot for locals and tourists.

Manjusha art, a form of folk painting practiced in Bhagalpur, Bihar, reflects the ancient history of Anga Mahajanapada. This art style features line drawings with distinctive borders and specific patterns, motif drawings, and stories about the Bishahari Goddess that showcase bravery, sacrifice, and perseverance.

Art was practiced by women of the Kumbhakar and Malakar castes, using narrative scrolls and murals as forms of art expression. These narrative scrolls and murals played an integral part in celebrations such as the Bishari Puja festival, a critical event that honored Bishari goddesses; they were also often displayed prominently at newlywed homes as good luck charms, with paintings inspired by folklore about these “manasputris,” also known as Bisharis.

Today, this art form is on the brink of collapse, with many artisans forced to take other jobs to make ends meet. Luckily, however, social-sector organizations and NGOs are making strides toward revitalizing it, such as Upendra Maharathi Shilp Anusandhan Sansthan (UMSAS), which hosts training workshops and offers loans for new entrepreneurs; Weavers’ Service Centre as well as community-based organisations promoting rural development are doing just this.

Manjusha art may not be widely known outside of Bihar due to a lack of support from government and social sector bodies; this may explain its lesser visibility. However, Manjusha is slowly making a comeback, and more people are interested in its beautiful craftsmanship.

2. Biswa Bangla

The Biswa Bangla store is one of the official state emporiums in West Bengal that sells a wide variety of local handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs – from Bengali sarees and dress materials to Dhokra artwork, wooden masks, and paper mache masks – as well as offering a fantastic selection of muslin cotton products ranging from thinner varieties with lower thread counts up to heavier-thread counts muslin fabric that boasts silky soft softness muslin can also be found here in various sizes with various thread counts available muslin cotton!

The shop also provides an impressive selection of brass utensils created by skilled craftspeople using different techniques, creating cutlery sets, serving spoons, napkin holders, and napkin holders plated with gold or silver for an elegant appearance that has quickly become incredibly popular among Kolkata residents who reside at higher socioeconomic status levels.

Manjusha outlets used to be numerous throughout the city; however, their numbers have since diminished with the emergence of its more stylish cousin, the Biswa Bangla store. Lake Mall still provides one of few opportunities to find reasonably priced Bengal-made handlooms and artifacts from Manjusha; additionally, it stocks one of only a few remaining Domit kitchenware ranges featuring signature designs.

An initiative by the government of Bengal to showcase traditional crafts to a global audience has finally arrived in the UK, and has produced its inaugural shipment of handloom saris and shirts made using indigenous stitches like baluchari, jamdani, garad, and kantha has reached these shores. The initiative was spearheaded by both themselves and members of Bengal’s diaspora living in Britain, who joined together on this venture.

City marketplaces are bustling with vendors selling everything from kitchenware to furniture. If you’re searching for bargains, Hindustan Road shops may have what you’re after surplus stock from restaurants and hotels. Their stores sell plates, cups, glasses, casseroles, crystal jugs, and salt/pepper shakers at reasonable prices, while some stalls also stock delicious Bengali dhoklas!

3. Hindustan Road

Hindustan Road is an accessible locality with 3-BHK flats for sale or rent, providing residents with a clean community. There are some fantastic views over the city from many properties here. Its proximity to popular restaurants, shops, and hospitals makes this an attractive prospect.

Lord Dalhousie, then British Governor General of India, initiated this road in 1850 in order to strengthen ties between Tibet and his jurisdictional areas in India. Additionally, this project served as an effective means of monitoring access and providing governance over remote regions under his influence. Construction took approximately two years.

Indian Highway 9 connects Khab in Kinnaur with Shipkila Pass in Tibet via Satluj River and Shipkila Pass, patrolled by ITBP to safeguard India’s borders with China and Pakistan.

State Bank Of India in Hindustan Road Kolkata has been given an IFSC code assigned by the Reserve Bank of India that consists of 11 characters that indicate bank and branch names, with 6 of those characters being branch codes; these IFSC codes can be found on cheque leaves or bank account passbooks.

Hindustan Park in South Kolkata is a highly connected locality close to Jodhpur Park, Gariahat, Golpark, and Barui Para. Additionally, Lake Gardens and Southern Avenue can also be found nearby. Furthermore, Byloom and Tapaste-The Spanish Cafe designed by Antonio Costa Bolufer, offers some of the city’s top cafes – boasting bright yellow and orange tones with wall hangings that seamlessly fuse Bengali culture and Spain cuisine.

4. College Street Market

College Street is the epicenter of Kolkata’s literary scene and home to premier academic institutions like the University Of Calcutta, Presidency College, Hindu School Hare School, and Calcutta Medical College. Additionally, it houses one of the world’s largest second-hand book markets featuring makeshift book stalls made out of bamboo wood and sheets of tin on both sides of College Street, selling books at dirt-cheap prices; extensive bargaining is the norm.

Visit College Street Market is an essential destination for bibliophiles. Consider going early in the morning to avoid crowds and find terrific bargains. Bring along pens and paper to help negotiate prices of books here, plus traditional Bengali garments, too!

There are plenty of eateries in the area offering delectable Bengali dishes. Chitlo dal and biryani should be tried, while chaat is also delicious and affordable; tea comes served in large samosas; biryani usually features chicken or mutton.

College Street Market is an exciting spot to stop for lunch if you’re searching for authentic Bengali cuisine. Situated in central Kolkata and only steps away from Mahatma Gandhi Road metro station, College Street Market operates daily between midmorning and evening every day except Sunday; plan to arrive before 10 a.m. to avoid crowds!

And it doesn’t end with books! In addition to stores specializing in household items, clothing, and jewelry, clothing boutiques, and sari shops are particularly noteworthy. Additionally, you’ll discover several restaurants serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine; cafes and coffee shops are scattered about as well.

This area boasts excellent connectivity and is well-known for hosting annual Durga Puja celebrations, earning it an extremely high livability score and ranking it safe and friendly. Schools, banks, and ATMs can all be found nearby, and its transport network is outstanding.