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Silver Shops Near Me in Kolkata


Kolkata silver jewelry stores uphold their artistic heritage through their exquisite designs. Offering everything from beautiful jhumkas and neckpieces to rings and earrings, these shops have something for every jewelry fan in their selection.

Silver can be an attractive, more cost-effective investment alternative than gold. Its price fluctuates depending on global markets, providing investors with opportunities for price fluctuations and influence.

AC Ghose

AC Ghose in New Market offers silver utensils, jewelry, and accessories made of antique-style silver with reasonable and affordable prices and free shipping – popular with tourists and locals alike. From AC Ghose’s vast selection, customers can select beautiful pieces such as ear studs, nose pins, rings, or pendants.

Manmohan Ghose was born into a wealthy Calcuttan family and attended Manchester Grammar School (1881-4) and St Paul’s, London (1884-7) to study classics. Later, he won a scholarship to King’s College Cambridge, where he became an English critic under Laurence Binyon’s tutelage; during that time, Ghose published Songs to Myrtilla as well as narrative poems inspired by Indian legends titled Urvasie as well as engaging in sustained criticism against reformist Indian National Congress policies through journals.

Sandip Ghosh is an accomplished director with years of experience in capital markets and banking. Skilled in innovation management, performance & talent management, and self-management, he is passionate about the future of work and is also a former senior manager at the Reserve Bank of India (1996-203) while currently holding down his position as Chief General Manager of Regional Services with responsibility for HR functions in Eastern States – not to mention being invited as an accomplished speaker for various forums!

Asian Arts

Asian Art is a form of visual art that encompasses various styles. As part of Asian heritage and culture, it reflects traditional values and cultural identities while simultaneously showcasing human creativity. Many renowned Asian artists, such as Haegue Yang (a Korean artist famous for defying gender stereotypes), Zeng Fanzhi (a Chinese painter), and Haider Ali (a Pakistani painter who has painted structures, trucks, and murals) have become world-renowned through this artistic form.

The MFA’s Asian art collection is one of the world’s largest and most diverse, featuring artwork from China, Japan, Korea, Southeast and Central Asia, and India dating from Neolithic times until present day spanning China, Japan, Korea, Southeast, and Central Asia, India as well as woodblock prints, ritual bronzes, and jades, ceramics lacquerware metalwork painted landscapes poetic painted garden designs elaborate goldwork extraordinary temples shrines pagodas stupas woodblock prints calligraphy as well as ritual bronze jades used in ritual bronze ceremonies by Buddhist monks to protect themselves from harm from evil spirits who threaten them by way of ancient ritual bronzes or jades as well as woodblock prints depictions that represent Asia as it does at its very best!

The MFA’s Asian art collection excels in Chinese and Japanese arts. It boasts ancient ritual bronze vessels and jades, ceramics, lacquerware, and metalwork from across periods that rank among the finest globally, along with exceptional collections of Chinese calligraphy, painting, calligraphic calligraphy, and paintings originating in Song and Yuan dynasties as well as more abstract Western works ranging from calligraphy and painting to calligraphic calligraphies and woodblock prints from Himalayan South Southeast Asian artists. Its East Asian art collection also comprises modern and contemporary Japanese lacquerware ceramics and many examples of calligraphic calls and woodblock prints from Himalayan, South, and Southeast Asia that make up part of this expansive East Asian collection.

Chamba Lama

This store in New Market’s narrow lanes offers exquisite silver ornaments adorned with semi-precious stones, such as stunning earrings. Additionally, there’s an impressive collection of toe rings, nose rings, jhumkas, and bracelets suitable for traditional Indian attires. Furthermore, their store keeps up with current trends by regularly launching a fresh selection of trinkets.

Chamba Lama is one of Kolkata’s oldest silver jewelry shops, renowned for its Tibetan and North Eastern-influenced designs. Their exquisitely handcrafted oxidized jewelry will remind one of Northeast India, Nepal, or Tibet. Chamba Lama should be visited if you want something genuinely different regarding jewelry and are willing to pay more to get something unique!

This store sells jewelry ranging from small pieces, such as ear tops, to larger ones, such as danglers. Furthermore, necklaces, thick Bengali kadas (bangles), and plenty of studs and rings will complete your ensemble.

Though their jewelry is beautiful and reasonably priced, their staff can often be rude. They seem unaware that customers help sustain any successful business, so treating customers with due regard and consideration would only be appropriate.

Besides these destinations, Kolkata offers plenty of places worth visiting for jewelry shopping. A.R. Mullick’s Habashery, Nahoum’s Bakery, Oxford Bookstore, and wholesale fish and vegetable markets recommended by Made in Kolkata can make memorable day trips. Lastly, Flury’s, Hot Kati Roll, Kusum’s Rolls, and Nahoum’s Bakery also make great dining spots.


Kolkata offers an abundance of wholesale Earring shops that provide top-quality options, from traditional shops in the New Market area and online retail shops that stock an assortment of stylish earrings for all occasions and tastes to online platforms that allow convenient online purchasing options that will enable anyone anywhere around the globe to access high-quality jewelry products. These locations range from traditional shops stocked with fancy Earrings explicitly designed to please guests for special events to traditional shops offering silver jewelry and ornaments for sale in Kolkata’s wholesale Earrings industry.

New Market’s charming little store provides an assortment of dainty silver trinkets. Here, you’ll find oxidized jhumkas, nose rings, bangles, and earrings designed to complement ethnic dresses at reasonable prices; prices frequently change with new collections being released regularly and silver bags to transport your jewelry pieces!

Karishma is well-known for her vibrant personality and sense of style, having worked as a celebrity manager with several Bollywood actresses. Additionally, she has served on juries of famous TV shows as part of jury panels or hosted events such as Bigg Boss 8 co-winner and Bigg Boss Halla Bol runner-up competitions.

After her divorce from Ajay Devgan, she married Delhi businessman Sanjay Kapoor at her mother’s urging and on the advice of social experts; their marriage lasted ten years until it ended in divorce.

KARISHMA can be found at F 54, next to NAHOUM CAKE SHOP in the New Market Area in Dharmatala/Talltala in Kolkata/West Bengal 700087 India, making it an excellent option for stylish yet cost-effective silver jewelry shopping. Plus, it’s only 0.85 kilometers from Lalabazar railway station!


Silver jewelry has always been popular with Indian women due to its affordability and fashionable designs. Be it stylish jhumkas or an eye-catching neckpiece, there is plenty to choose from at New Market in Kolkata’s Chamba Lama, Heritage, or Asian Arts silver shops – some of the top ones being Chamba Lama, Heritage, and Asian Arts.

Chamba Lama, established 68 years ago, specializes in Tibetan and North Eastern jewelry. They offer everything from silver chokers that go perfectly with your kurtis to chunky earrings and simple rings for everyday wear, colorful neck pieces to add an effortless boho chic aesthetic, as well as their impressive collection of embroidered jhumkas (INR 250 or higher) that are sure to catch anyone’s eye – not to mention small silver boxes and Tibetan bags to store all your treasured pieces safely!

Asian Arts Silver Shop in New Market features an exquisite collection of oxidized jewelry featuring intricate kundan and polka work on its necklaces, earrings, rings, and colored necklaces, perfect for formal events. Their silver bangles start at INR 200 and sell simple ear studs and nose pins.

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