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Top Up Mobile Legend


Whether you are a mobile legend or you want to top up your mobile phone, you can find several benefits for doing so. For example, you can get a gift or seasonal pass that will allow you to visit the park more often, get diamonds and gift items, and even become a Starlight or Twilight member.


Purchasing Diamonds when you top up Mobile Legends is a great way to improve your character and level up. In addition, you can use your Diamonds to purchase champion skins, unlock new heroes, and purchase other in-game items.

Diamonds are the rare in-game currency. You can purchase diamonds with real money or through external sources. However, you will have to be logged into your account to buy diamonds. You cannot reverse the purchases, so stay logged into your account to avoid losing diamonds.

Purchasing diamonds is a great way to reward friends who love the game. Diamonds can be used to purchase game items, unlock new heroes, and unlock limited event skins.

Diamonds can also upgrade your membership level, participate in premium draw events, and level up your characters. You can purchase diamonds by text, email, or in-game.

Seasonal pass

Purchasing the Mobile Legends branded Seasonal pass will give you new unlockables and a branded painted skin. The cost is real money, and you can buy them using Show-Bucks. The pass cost is minimal, but the rewards can be substantial. The Blunderdome is an excellent example of this.

The mobile Legends game is available for iOS and Android. It is a five versus 5 MOBA game where you defend your base against waves of enemies. It is a free-to-play game with a few paid upgrades, such as the branded Seasonal pass. Unlike many mobile games, you can choose a team of five, allowing you to choose from various heroes with varying abilities. In addition, the game features a variety of items, including exciting things, skins, and emotes.

Starlight Member

A Mobile Legends Starlight membership can help you rank quickly and save time. It can also give you access to exclusive collectible items, such as skins, that you won’t get without being a member.

Mobile Legends is an online multiplayer battle arena game. It features various game modes and playable heroes. The game has a high player count. It is popular in Asia Tenggara and Indonesia. You can purchase skins through the browser or an in-game shop.

You can buy Skins and Starlight gems using diamonds. These diamonds are also used to unlock new Starlight members. There are two types of Starlight members, Regular and Advanced. They both have different strengths.

The Starlight tab is located in the main menu. It has several features, such as membership plans and a shop tab. It is also an excellent place to learn more about the various bonuses and rewards available to members.

Twilight pass

Purchasing the Mobile Legends Twilight pass is an excellent way to earn free tickets and diamonds. However, there are a few pitfalls to avoid when topping up your game account, so keep your finger on the pulse. For example, you should never top up your game account on the same device you play on. This will cause you to miss out on the big rewards, and you may even find yourself stuck with a lousy ad.

If you’re a gamer interested in mobile gaming but can’t commit to a monthly subscription, the Mobile Legends Twilight pass is your best bet. Not only is it free, but it’s also the sexiest way to earn rewards. To get started, visit the official Mobile Legends website, which offers a variety of subscription plans.


Having over 10 million accounts, Mobile Legends is one of the most giant online games in the world. The game features an innovative platform that attracts players of all ages and levels. It has excellent graphics and strategizing elements. There are also plenty of role-playing elements to keep players interested.

Mobile Legends allows players to top up their accounts with diamonds to send to their friends. However, this process is complicated. First, you need to have your account id. Then, you need to write down the server of the friend’s account. Once you have the friend’s account id, you can top up with diamonds.

Mobile Legends also allows you to send diamonds to friends through live streaming. This method is perfect for gifting diamonds to your idols or pro players.