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Top 10 Best IT Companies in Bakersfield, California


Bakersfield is an ideal city to live in and do business in, boasting a high quality of life and plenty of amenities. Additionally, Bakersfield presents excellent investment opportunities in renewable energy, such as solar technology.

Bakersfield’s top internet service providers offer fast connections and generous data plans to support multiple devices simultaneously without delays or buffering. Speeds above 25 Mbps are ideal for streaming 4K video and working from home.

Parachute Technology

Parachute Technology is a managed IT services provider for small and medium-sized businesses. Their services range from computer support and server administration to network setup and data backup solutions.

The team provides excellent real-time support and communication to their clients. Furthermore, they adhere to stringent security protocols and a roadmap designed to assist their clients in growing their businesses.


CodeFutures has developed a cutting-edge product with an agile approach to Big Data processing. Their AgilData platform offers real-time streaming data and predictive analytics at the fastest possible speeds.

The company is renowned for its FireStorm/DAO technology, which makes Java software developers more productive by automatically creating business logic to access relational databases. Established in 2008, it’s headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado.

Alternis IT

Alternis IT offers top-tier IT services to small and mid-sized businesses. Their specialties include virtualization, cloud migration, email security, and data storage.

They were the first company in Bakersfield, CA, to use Google Analytics, Segment, and Hotjar. 6sense recently rated them the best IT company to work for in Bakersfield – mainly due to their impressive customer service. To find out how they do it, check out their profile.


Barracuda Networks, headquartered in Campbell, California, provides security, networking, and storage products utilizing network appliances and cloud services. Their security solutions safeguard email, networks, data, and applications with cutting-edge protection measures.

As a business development representative, you will be accountable for increasing sales for Barracuda Networks through pipeline management. This includes prospecting, offering solutions, solving problems, and closing deals with prospects and customers.

Fission Labs

The company is an offshore technology accelerator that specializes in cloud-based solutions. It works with various clients, from small startups to large corporations.

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FLEX is a leader in providing flexible work opportunities. It allows you to set your hours and pay per delivery in Bakersfield.

Flex also offers rent payment flexibility on a flexible schedule, which can efficiently save money. To learn more about Flex, visit their website or download their app – they utilize Yotpo, Twitter, and Justuno technologies.

Dreamers Inc.

Dreamers Inc is a home daycare in Jacksonville that provides children with a secure and nurturing atmosphere to develop social skills. Their teachers ensure all students engage in curriculum-based educational activities – an effective way to teach children about their environment. Check out their website – it has an impressive tech stack and an eye-catching logo!

Adalane Media Group

Adalane Media Group is a digital marketing agency that offers services to businesses. Their omnichannel hyper-personalization media and measurement strategies assist clients in activating, engaging, and converting their ideal audience.

They have enabled a respiratory device provider to increase website traffic. Their responsive team provides insightful dashboards that illustrate changes throughout the process. Furthermore, they keep internal stakeholders updated on an annual basis.


Bakersfield not only ranks as one of the best places to start a business but also finishes in the top five for residents with at least a bachelor’s degree and ranks third in housing costs as a percentage of income. Furthermore, its mayor has done her research, and her efforts have resulted in significant reductions in homelessness within its boundaries.


TheoremOne provides clients with digital product strategy, engineering, design, and culture before working alongside them to implement new working methods using custom software. Examples include Caterpillar’s supply chain visibility issues being addressed through a real-time asset tracking platform, Mission Health’s 10,000 hospital employees being able to select and register for benefits through an improved system more efficiently, etc.

TheoremOne provides full-time, hybrid to 100% remote jobs with flexible and alternative schedules.