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Best IT Companies to Work For in Wichita, KS


Based on salary data, company financial health, and employee diversity, we have carefully compiled a list of the best companies to work for in Wichita, Kansas.

The city boasts an expansive network of businesses that offer thousands of job opportunities, from small startups to global headquarters. These firms excel by creating cutting-edge products and services and inspiring work environments for their employees that promote inclusivity and inspiration.

1. Concergent IT

Wichita, Kansas, is home to many esteemed IT firms. Some of them are even rated among the top ten nationwide. One such outstanding firm is Concergent IT – known for its cloud services and numerous tech-oriented clients. Their client list features some of the largest companies worldwide. In addition to technology solutions, they also provide consulting services for small and medium businesses. Their scalability and client support make them an ideal partner for your next IT project. They boast some of the industry’s most talented and experienced team members. Wichita is your go-to destination if you need an IT firm for data center design. They guarantee to deliver on all your most important business objectives. There’s no better place to begin when searching for an IT partner.

2. Cybertron

Cybertron (pronounced “Say-ber-tron” or “Sigh-ber-tron”) is the name of a planet and homeworld for the Autobots known as Cybertron. Unfortunately, the conflict has damaged it and decayed due to environmental elements like radiation exposure.

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Wichita, Kansas, is a large metropolitan area with many prestigious businesses. It serves as the cultural epicenter of Kansas and boasts several prestigious universities.

Wichita lies within the humid subtropical climate zone of the Great Plains region. Summers are hot and muggy with frequent thunderstorms; conversely, winters are cold and dry.

3. PK Solutions

PK Solutions is the go-to destination for businesses seeking comprehensive IT services. They offer business continuity planning, IT consulting, VoIP/phone solutions, desktop support, email/spam protection, hosted solutions, computer repair, and troubleshooting.

The company is renowned for its OneDefenseSM cybersecurity solutions. Utilizing cloud-based technology, this cloud-based technology ensures your data is safeguarded against ransomware and other malicious attacks.

Their website offers a free quote form where you can describe your IT requirements. Once they receive this information, they’ll provide an estimate and arrange a meeting to discuss how best to meet those needs.

The best IT companies in Wichita can help your business increase productivity and efficiency with modern tools, solutions, and services. They also assist with network security, mobile device management, and other technological needs. This company is an ideal fit for any small to medium-sized business because they provide high-quality services at reasonable prices while always looking for new growth opportunities.

4. Cinch

Cinch is a UK-based online personal finance tool that provides free, straightforward, and unbiased recommendations on credit cards, loans, and insurance. Their ratings are based on thousands of products and providers; they don’t receive any money for recommending them to you.

Cinch app provides four financial dashboards – Cash Flow, Debt, Emergency Fund and Checking Account Buffer – that help users understand how their spending habits impact their finances. Furthermore, they urge users to build up an emergency fund and checking account buffer so they have some savings in case things take a terrible turn.

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