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The Biggest Storage Tank in the World


Storage tanks come in various shapes and sizes. From those housing millions of gallons to something smaller, tanks serve many different functions in daily life. Get the Best information about rotterdam tank farms.

Bolted steel tanks are an increasingly popular choice for large tank installations, as their benefits include minimal site impact, longer renovation cycles, and more straightforward repairs.

The Qatar Water Security Mega Reservoirs

Qatar’s General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) recently entered the Guinness Book of Records with their Water Security Mega Reservoirs project as the world’s most giant drinking water storage tank. Comprised five potable drinking water reservoir sites with interconnecting networks of large-diameter pipelines spanning Qatar and globally.

Arcadis and Kahramaa joined forces to build an expansive water storage tank worthy of Guinness record status so the people of Qatar always have enough drinking water.

This monumental project required unprecedented teamwork, cooperation, and coordination to execute successfully. Viking Johnson supplied large-diameter flange adaptors and dismantling joints tailored explicitly for this undertaking – as part of an unparalleled level of teamwork, cooperation, and coordination required by this monumental undertaking. They manufactured the 480 kilometers of water pipelines in just eight weeks before delivering them simultaneously to various locations nationwide. It was an ambitious endeavor requiring high-quality products with precise specifications – providing large-diameter flange adaptors and dismantling joints was critical to meeting deadlines.

The China National Offshore Oil Company’s (CNOOC) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Receiving Terminal in Yancheng

These gigantic tanks form part of a green energy base capable of accommodating 6 million tons per year of LNG – equivalent to 8.5 billion cubic meters – thus meeting the natural gas demands for Jiangsu Province’s 85 million population for 28 months.

Construction at Yancheng is being expedited quickly to meet China’s carbon peaking and neutrality targets, and CNOOC is exploring adding ten more gigantic storage tanks at some future date.

In the US, FEMech Engineering of Harrison, Arkansas, designed these tanks. A dished top was selected to improve specific gravity, wind uplift, stiffening of the shell for seismic loads, and stiffening knuckle for seismic loads. Hoop wound knuckles for this large diameter FRP tank were also installed – something never done before with such precision and required a substantial workforce and air pressure devices for successful completion.

The CNOOC LNG Receiving Terminal in Binhai

This project seeks to establish China’s most extensive LNG storage base and will significantly strengthen gas supply security, demand rebalancing capacity, and industrial transformation efforts in China. It is projected that it will become operational by 2023.

GTT is delighted to partner with HQCEC on providing their GST(r) membrane containment technology for these two massive LNG tanks – the world’s most giant onshore tanks featuring this groundbreaking innovation! GTT’s membrane system facilitates safer LNG storage management while expanding capacity on an equal footprint.

The first phase of the terminal features an annual LNG receiving capacity of three million tonnes and six tanks with storage capacities of 220,000 cubic meters each, located in Yancheng Binhai Port Industrial Park of Jiangsu province. Qatargas supplies their Al Ghashamiya vessel loaded at Ras Laffan to bring in their LNG cargo sourced from Qatar; Qatargas has since 2008 constructed 27 terminals around China, including Jiangsu-Binhai, which will receive their initial cargo shipment in October this year.

The CNOOC LNG Receiving Terminal in Qingdao

CNOOC will soon open an immense site in Yancheng to store 270,000 cubic meters – enough to fill a Qatari Q-Max LNG carrier! As China’s current leading importer of liquefied natural gas (LNG), CNOOC stands to gain from this development as their Yancheng location gives them a significant competitive edge within China’s LNG supply chain.

WHEN COMPLETED, CNOOC LNG Yancheng will become one of China’s most advanced LNG terminals. It will feature a jetty to accommodate large LNG carriers, vaporization/conversion facilities, storage tank facilities, and an extensive gas pipeline network connecting local power plants and industrial users.

Construction on this facility has already reportedly started, though its completion date is still to be confirmed. It will source its LNG supply from PNG LNG and APLNG via long-term sale and purchase agreements; additional terminals exist within China that also serve this function.

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