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The Best IT Companies in Oakland


Over the last decade, high-tech companies have drastically changed the cities and cultures of northern California’s Bay Area. Unfortunately, these changes have also driven up rents, displaced low-income families, and increased income inequality.

Oakland is working to change this. City leaders are looking hard at how technology has affected their community and how it can help reverse that trend.

PC Professional

PC Professional has been experienced and dedicated IT company for over four decades. They specialize in computer repair and consulting as well as phone repairs. Their services extend to both commercial and non-profit accounts alike.

They are seeking an experienced and knowledgeable IT professional to assist with managing service contracts and teach new techs Mac and PC operating systems. This person will join a team of dedicated and hard-working individuals.

A Professional Corporation (PC) is formed when professionals come together to offer their services. This involves drafting articles of association, registering the company, securing permits and gaining legal approval. Forming a PC also limits owners’ liability in case of malpractice or negligence by other owners; additionally, it reduces their taxation obligations. Furthermore, creating a PC helps professionals meet state requirements.


Navis is an award-winning IT company in Oakland that specializes in operational technology. It provides software solutions to optimize global container flow and eliminate inefficient processes, as well as business intelligence and billing solutions to assist customers with managing their operations more effectively.

Its flagship product, the N4 Terminal Operating System, automates equipment operations and monitors cargo movement across multiple terminals. Over 60% of the world’s largest ports rely on these solutions.

In addition to its core N4 products, the company provides cloud-based business intelligence and automation solutions designed specifically for port operations management. It uses 100% NVMe all-flash arrays from Pure Storage for faster software development cycles, customer onboarding processes, and lower data center infrastructure costs. Its technology is top-of-the-line – perfect for any port or ocean carrier looking to boost its profits. Headquartered in Oakland, CA, with 678 employees, N4 Solutions Inc. boasts the best-of-the-class technology suitable for any port or ocean carrier looking to improve profitability.


Comfy is an Oakland-based startup that creates innovative software solutions to make work environments more comfortable and productive. Their products and services enable building occupants to become more effective, reduce energy usage, and stretch budgets for operations and maintenance costs.

Comfy’s flagship product, the Comfy app, allows employees to regulate temperature and lighting in real time. Utilizing machine learning algorithms, this app remembers optimal settings for workplace comfort, energy savings, and productivity gains.

The app also provides features to assist users with workspace navigation through on-demand controls and intelligent automation. It aims to increase office comfort levels by 80%, eliminate hot/cold complaints, and reduce energy costs by 40%.

Siemens has made the company’s latest acquisition, purchasing Enlight from J2 Innovations. Together they plan to use the app to transform existing buildings into intelligent, IoT-enabled systems. This marks Siemens’ third smart-building app purchase in recent months – joining J2 Innovations and Enlighted.


Infor is a software company that creates business applications tailored for specific industries. Its solutions help companies enhance operations, accelerate growth and adjust to shifting business needs.

Infor has offices around the world and serves customers from every continent. It provides enterprise software products, such as cloud CRM and ERP applications, human resources management software, financial management software, and supply chain management tools.

It also offers industry suites, which integrate different business processes for customers in specific industries. Its enterprise resource planning and asset management products help companies keep track of their physical inventories and assets.

Infor also offers a learning management solution that enables users to create easily readable content on mobile devices. This makes the solution ideal for organizations wanting to provide training materials or user guides to their employees so they can become proficient with using the system.