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Best IT Companies in Miami


Miami has rapidly become a center for technology, with numerous startups moving there. These firms seek IT professionals with skills in programming, database administration, system and network administration, helpdesk support, desktop support, and quality assurance checks.

Miami’s IT landscape is vibrant and diverse, covering industries from financial technology to e-commerce, healthcare services, and cybersecurity. This makes Miami an ideal place for career growth and the chance to break into a burgeoning sector.

CINQ Technologies

CINQ Technologies is a technology company that offers software solutions. They specialize in custom application development and offshore outsourcing services and have achieved CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001 certifications.

The company provides UI/UX design services. They are an accessible partner, communicating regularly and working closely with the client to meet their objectives.

The company combines Thinking Design, Agile Practices, Software Quality Processes, and Innovation Management to offer digital transformation solutions. They have over ten years of experience with the Scrum framework and are CMMI Level 3. This allows them to provide high-quality products to their customers.

Mercury Development

Mercury Development is a Miami-based app developer with an impressive list of projects and clients. They provide complete mobile app development services and backend development capabilities on iOS and Android platforms. Their team is highly experienced and attentive to their client needs; they have successfully delivered high-quality software quickly and met project milestones. With Mercury Development, you won’t find better app development services anywhere else!

They collaborated with an intravascular medical device company to create a custom app that integrates their products in the telemedicine space. The app tracks patient health, delivers personalized care plans, and generates revenue for the business. Other notable apps they’ve created include an iPhone application that mimics Windows desktop functionality and Sweepstakes App that’s simple to enter. Overall, internal stakeholders and users have given it high marks – receiving unanimous approval!

Ardan Labs

Ardan Labs is an established software engineering and training firm that offers corporate clients a broad selection of services. Their high-performance solutions include custom software development and application integration, consulting on DevOps, Agile software development methodologies, as well as Test Driven Development techniques.

They boast an impressive team with expertise across various technology platforms like Go, Kubernetes, and Terraform. Jerome Petazzoni heads their Kubernetes training and consulting division – previously employed at Docker and dotCloud.

This IT company in Miami specializes in full-cycle mobile and web application development, with expertise in augmented reality (AR). Their client list includes NASA, BlackBerry, and the United Nations. Furthermore, they have earned a reputation for creating high-quality software solutions and IT staffing for middle to large companies based here. As one of Miami’s premier IT service providers, we highly recommend them for your next project!

Ornsoft Corporation

Ornsoft Corporation provides custom software development, web development, mobile app development, and IT strategy consulting services to various enterprise clients. Headquartered in Miami with satellite offices in Bonneuil-sur-Marne, France, these firms specialize in custom software development for enterprise clients.

OrNsoft boasts a team of over 100 IT consultants specialized in web and mobile application development, software design, UI/UX design, and blockchain technology. They have worked across various industries, such as financial services, healthcare tourism, and manufacturing.

The company provides IT staff augmentation and cybersecurity services. Their insurance agency’s client needed to construct a digital dashboard displaying real-time shipments from multiple production plants.

Selecting an IT company experienced in your industry is essential. They will understand the problems and opportunities you’re up against, providing invaluable insights that could help you outpace competitors. Furthermore, their familiarity with the local market will guarantee your project’s success.