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Molly Lilly Clothing Reviews


If you’re looking for a great summer dress or cute romper for your child, you’ve come to the right place. Read more about the Eye of the Sun Dress, Distant Paradise Romper, Scarlet Secret Trench Coat, and Play Pretend Dress.

Eye of the Sun Dress

The Molly Lilly Eye of the Sun Dress features an unusual, sun-inspired design. The dress is made from silk, and the straps are adorned with lace. Lilly’s blue eyes are slightly clouded, and her hair is blonde. Her parents are both businessmen, and her father is a businessman. Although Lilly’s father is emotionally distant from her, she understands the importance of his business.

Play Pretend Dress

The wacky world of Molly Lilly is a favorite among many children and adults. In this production, Lilly’s mom and grandmother are played by Elyse Edelman, who began acting at age five. She first appeared on the Milwaukee stage in 2001 in the First Stage production of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. She referred to herself as the “Queen of the World” and wore glittery sunglasses.