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Albert Clothing Review


Regarding apparel, The Albert is one of the most popular brands around. This brand was first established in 2008 and officially rebranded in 2016. Albert is known for going against the current fashion trends and conquering classic styles with a contemporary twist. This way, their merchandise will outlast any trend. This is a plus for consumers because this apparel looks good and offers excellent value for money.

Insights from 12 Indeed users who have interviewed with The Albert

If you are looking for a job at The Albert, you are not alone. There are at least 12 other Indeed users who Albert has interviewed in the last five years. You can read their reviews to understand better the company’s culture and what to expect from your interview.

Is it an excellent place to work?

This company has a low turnover rate. The job environment is small, and the company doesn’t offer many opportunities for advancement. Management seems to treat their employees like second-class citizens, ensuring that only a few people do the tedious work. In contrast, most employees sit around and talk on their cell phones for most of their shifts. They are also not given much money.

Does it pay well?

Albert Clothing is one of the most popular brands in the clothing industry. This fashion brand has a vast range of designs. You can buy items from XS to plus sizes. You can even support an independent artist by wearing one of their designs! These unique pieces of clothing are available for men and women and come in various colors and styles.

When Albert first hit the market, it was trying to find a niche. The company was launching a line that would be retro and have a moral appeal. Although the clothing is designed for men and women of all backgrounds, it is primarily worn by African Americans. Many of these consumers wear it as a symbol of racial pride.