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Men’s 80s Fashion


Undoubtedly, the 1980s was an iconic decade. From Gordon Gekko’s power suits in Wall Street to Top Gun’s parachute pants and other clothing trends from that era, there’s much inspiration available from this decade for your fashion choices.

Men’s 1980s fashion is still relatively easy to come by today, with many iconic trends like aviator sunglasses or military winter hats readily available at many retailers.

Tropical Shirts

Tropical prints added an exotic flair to men’s clothing in the 1980s. Typically featuring short-sleeved styles with camp collars and buttons that run up the back neck, these shirts featured floral or nature-themed patterns such as waterfalls, mountains, islands, and palm trees, making for an eye-catching wardrobe accent!

Preppy fashion was also integral to this era, with polo shirts and khakis becoming trendy business wear choices. Young people rebelled against this look with styles inspired by music videos or movies like The Breakfast Club, which showcased this new edgy look that rejected conformity. Post-punk and new wave bands like Beastie Boys played an enormous role in shaping these youth movements, with skinny neckties, gold chains, ripped jeans, and hipster haircuts being standard features among them.

In the ’80s, double denim fashion peaked, with dad jeans and matching denim jackets being highly fashionable for casual wear. Leather jackets and windbreakers were also highly stylish outerwear choices; men donned baggy sweaters over jeans paired with bandanas that can still be seen today.

Men of the 80s fashion were known for adorning themselves in stylish accessories like fanny bags. A popular piece back then, these bags could be worn with anything from jumpers or tracksuits, jeans, and sneakers to cossack-style hats which looked great paired with T-shirts and jeans. Today they can still be found for purchase from most retailers as an eye-catching alternative to backpacks. Statement beanies are another must-have item from this era that could pair well with both. Additionally, retailers can purchase cossack-style hats today for pairing T-shirts and jeans!

Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket was one of the hallmarks of men’s 1980s fashion and had a rich and storied history that began as an aviation-style coat designed for pilots flying at high altitudes. Later, its use by civilians was modified by adding leather and fur, providing warmer insulation while remaining comfortable at such heights. Today it remains one of the most fashionable statements for men.

People typically associate bomber jackets with Tom Cruise as Maverick from Top Gun wearing his brown leather G-1 flight jacket with badge-adorned patches. This style is highly adaptable and works well across different body shapes and heights; its elastic trim helps nip in at the waist for added flattery; also, this piece pairs effortlessly with bottoms such as skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans, skirts, chinos, button-down shirts deep neck tees or even bikinis!

The 1980s also witnessed the growth of rude boy culture in Britain, spearheaded by bands such as Madness, UB40, and The Bosstones. This movement saw men wear slim-fitting mohair suits and tonic shirts with basket weave shoes, basket weave polo shirts, sta-prest trousers with Doc Martens shoes, braces, pork pie hats, and the iconic MA-2 bomber jacket – an aesthetic movement called mod revival.

Nowadays, the MA-2 bomber jacket comes in various colors and materials. Suppose you prefer classic vintage-style leather pieces or lightweight nylon options for something more modern and light. Either way, this statement piece will never go out of fashion.


The 1980s was an era of distinct styles, yet its impact can still be felt today. Men’s 80s fashion consists of bold patterns, vibrant hues, and oversized clothing, making it comfortable and statement-making at once! Men who embrace these trends should use mens 80s fashion pieces in their outfits as an opportunity for experimentation and self-expression.

Baggy jumpers were an extremely fashionable trend among men in the ’80s. These oversized sweaters came in bold colors and designs, becoming iconic staples at retro costume parties or ugly sweater contests today. If men want to try this 80s fashion trend, pairing their jumper with baggy pants or tracksuit trousers may help ensure it doesn’t look too out there.

Leather jackets were one of the defining fashion pieces from men’s 80s fashion, serving as staples of rock bands during that era and now becoming part of casual wear. If interested in trying this trend for themselves, pair your leather jacket with dark-wash jeans or acid-wash denim and accessorize with dark-wash jeans, a dark-wash denim shirt, and a hat for an impressive nighttime ensemble!

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Bell-Bottom Pants

Bell-bottom pants may seem synonymous with the 1970s, but their popularity peaked in the early ’80s. Differing from flare or boot cut jeans from that decade, these tighter fitting trousers featured tighter hip and upper thigh areas and wider legs below the knee; their popularity was popularized by artists such as Sonny & Cher and Jimi Hendrix, who paired their look with platform shoes for concerts and events.

Men also embraced bright colors during the 1980s, especially tracksuits and athletic wear for physical activities such as track meets and gym workouts. However, leisure clothing such as t-shirts and hoodies was often brightly hued. You might see men sporting neon yellows, pinks, and oranges when out running or going to the gym; their attire reflected both bold style influencers like David Bowie or Run DMC and their individuality and personality.

Men of the 1980s could often be seen wearing logo t-shirts to show their support of particular brands and music genres they loved. At that time, merchandisers did big business through merchandise distribution–something many men took advantage of when selecting fashion options for themselves.

Ear piercing was also popular during this era and was often worn with chains or leather bracelets to showcase them. Though out of fashion by the late 90s, this trend served as a reminder that men were willing to take risks and embrace differences during that period.

Though brave looks slowly receded into minimalism in the ’90s and 2000s, they seem to be returning. Harry Styles may have set this movement into motion with his love for 1970s fashion; Hedi Slimane also showcased bell bottoms during her Celine 2020 Ready to Wear collection.

The King of Pop

Men’s 80s fashion was an era full of striking, distinctive looks. Not limited to clothing alone, the bold and daring styles were evident everywhere, from hairstyles and accessories to clothing styles that stood out. Trends from this time frame allowed you to stand out from the crowd, show off your personality, or dress like celebrities like John Stamos or Steve Perry from that era – John Stamos even famously donned his Teddy Boy look, which featured drape jackets, drainpipe trousers, bolo ties, and white T-shirts similar to what was famous during his early eighties phase with darker shades and more sophisticated designs than what had existed previously in his earlier 60s phase!

The 1980s was also when hip-hop and punk music significantly shaped fashion trends, particularly menswear fashion. Heavy chain necklaces or ripped jeans became fashionable; this trend represented a rebellion against conformity which remains fashionable today.

Popular hair trends of this era included the mullet, which featured short front and back pieces but long in the center, making it popular with celebrities such as Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze. Other noteworthy styles from this era included quiffs, pompadours, and flat tops.

The 1980s were marked by bold choices in men’s fashion, from oversized jackets to baggy jeans. You can relive this decade by buying some Converse high-top sneakers – initially designed as basketball shoes but becoming fashion icons thanks to artists wearing them – in your closet today.