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How Commercial Bathroom Remodeling Can Improve Your Business


No one likes visiting or using an unattractive commercial bathroom. Investing in a remodel project can make your restrooms up-to-code, impress eco-minded clients, and save on paper towel usage with hand dryers. Get the Best information about commercial remodeling.

Labor and material costs make up the bulk of any remodel budget; however, other factors can have an effect.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides specific guidelines for creating accessible or ADA-compliant bathrooms, which should be considered during commercial bathroom remodeling projects. Complying with these regulations may even be mandatory depending on local laws; compliance is often essential. Even if your restrooms don’t house disabled customers, making them compliant will improve the quality of service to all customers and ensure the comfort of use for them all.

Your new ADA-compliant bathroom must include mounting heights between 44 and 48 inches for accessories, a clear floor space of 60 inches in front of toilets, grab bars installed next to sinks, and easy navigation without sharp edges or corners. Furthermore, it should offer nonslip surfaces to make life safer for people using wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

Renovating a lobby, showroom, office, or conference room could trigger American Disabilities Act requirements for upgrades that bring restrooms into compliance with the law. If this occurs, following these guidelines will help avoid lawsuits and fines from federal agencies and loss of credibility with potential clients – becoming compliant will bring new customers while simultaneously keeping current ones satisfied.


Before beginning work on any commercial bathroom renovation project, a comprehensive and detailed plan must be drawn up and followed to protect both parties involved from hidden fees and additional expenses. Furthermore, planning will ensure the work meets industry standards and code compliance.

One of the critical components of any commercial bathroom remodels is ensuring all new electrical, plumbing, and water lines are installed correctly to avoid significant complications in the future. Hiring an insured and licensed electrician for any renovation that includes new lighting or plumbing fixtures should also be a top priority.

An important goal in any commercial bathroom remodeling project should be ensuring the bathrooms are safe for employees and customers, including installing hand-free fixtures that comply with ADA compliance and providing adequate ventilation that helps combat germs and viruses that could spread.

Commercial bathrooms are integral to any business and must remain up-to-date to meet customer, employee, and fire safety requirements. A modern bathroom design can make a good first impression while improving customer satisfaction – don’t wait until it becomes outdated before considering a renovation.


Bathroom remodel projects often neglect bathrooms, yet focusing on their design should be top of mind for commercial remodel projects. A modern, clean look creates a more comfortable experience for customers and staff and shows well on any business wishing to draw more clients and increase sales.

An effective way to add style and individuality to any restroom is through different materials, like glass tile walls. They add texture, color, and durability and are easy to keep clean; GTM even developed the Bradley Advocate sink, which combines a faucet, soap dispenser, and dryer into one counter, making it more stylish than traditional urinals and sinks. Incorporating unexpected shades or patterns onto walls also helps make bathrooms more welcoming for employees and clients.

As part of your construction preparations, it is also crucial that your staff and customers have an alternative option while work takes place – this may involve renting portable toilets from Stahla Restroom Rentals or providing portable toilets during remodeling works to avoid disruptions that may result in lost business opportunities. Taking such steps can prevent creating troubles during the remodeling process.


Remodeling commercial bathrooms may appear expensive initially, but remembering their high return on investment (ROI) should put the finances in perspective. Carefully estimate a budget and consult with a contracting company before beginning construction; doing so will enable a top contractor to either confirm that your desired remodel can fit within your preferred price range or help make adjustments that keep it within it.

Your project’s costs depend on its scope; for instance, a simple cosmetic facelift might only take one or two weeks, while significant reconfiguration can stretch over a month or longer. To reduce budget costs, try reusing existing fixtures and tiles instead of purchasing new ones; build open shelving rather than cabinets; purchase materials wholesale, such as shower tile and countertops, to avoid paying high markup prices for customized options;

Energy-efficient fixtures can also help lower utility and maintenance expenses while cutting your budget in half. Water-saving options like sink aerators, touchless faucets, and low-flow toilets help the environment and are great investments that save disposables and energy costs while improving tenant sanitization. Also, consider investing in eco-friendly paper products and automatic dispensers of soap or hand towels, which keep both costs while increasing sanitization among tenants.

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