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Lyrical Hip-Hop Music Group


Rappers and MCs emphasize deep meaning in their lyrics. Instead of repeating familiar rhymes, these artists focus more on words with an impactful message for you to take home. The actual Interesting Info about Underground Hip-Hop Music Group.

Lyrical hip-hop artists stand out with their distinct style and impressive production; this makes them memorable and influential figures in hip-hop music culture.


Cheryl James (known by most as Salt) and Sandra Denton (Pepa) first met when studying to be nurses at Queensborough Community College. Soon after, they found employment at a call center together, where they shared cubicles next to each other; both dreamed of making this their career path together.

In 1985, their friend and future producer, Hurby Azor, offered them jobs in his music production business. Soon after, they started performing under the name Salt-N-Pepa as an all-female rap group – becoming one of the first such acts ever!

Their debut album Hot Cool Vicious earned multi-platinum status and sold over one million copies globally, while “Let’s Talk About Sex” became one of their highest charting singles.

Very Necessary was Salt-N-Pepa’s fourth studio album and proved an enormously successful effort, yielding hits like “Shoop,” “Whatta Man,” and “None of Your Business.” Furthermore, it marked the first platinum record by female rap act Salt-N-Pepa; their style and bold approach allowed them to speak openly on topics often considered taboo by male artists and lay the groundwork for future female rappers.

Brand Nubian

Brand Nubian was one of the longest-standing and most entertaining rap groups ever. Led by Grandpa Puba (Maxwell Dixon), Brand Nubian boasted three mainstays, including Sadat X, Lord Jamar, and DJ Alamo, who all provided solid performances throughout its early 2000s run. Their energetic and often comical performances on stage made them must-sees at any hip-hop enthusiast’s show. One For All was particularly noteworthy, an innovative hyperkinetic record that set records. Everything Is Everything was more subdued but still had plenty of listener-pleasing hip-hop tracks that left an impressionable mark on listeners. Since their debut, Brand Nubian has experienced a remarkable renaissance resurgence, featuring special guests on their most recent album, The Blackout. Brand Nubians had returned with renewed zeal to their craft, though they have yet to reach their early 2000 glory days when New York City was still hip-hop central, despite this remarkable comeback.


Hieroglyphics is an American indie hip-hop collective formed by Del the Funky Homosapien, Tajai, Pep Love, A-Plus Domino, and DJ Toure that explores themes such as gang warfare, drug abuse, and the global pharmaceutical trade through their music.

Hieroglyphs (Greek for “sacred words”) is an ancient script used throughout Egypt for over four millennia, dating back over four millennia. Carved onto tomb and temple walls and written on papyrus or other materials, hieroglyphs provided a longstanding form of communication to visitors from across the ancient world.

Egyptian writing consisted of over 700 symbols representing sounds or syllables; others served as determinatives to clarify their meaning. As a result, most Egyptian words were polysyllabic in form.

2 Live Crew

2 Live Crew is one of America’s most well-known Lyrical Hip-Hop Music Groups. Since forming in 1985, they have successfully sold millions of copies of their raunchy Miami bass rap albums during the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Despite their widespread appeal, their music was frequently met with legal challenges, leading them to an unexpected campaign for First Amendment protections.

2 Live Crew began writing music while stationed at March Air Force Base in Riverside, California, in the mid-’80s. They eventually relocated to Florida, where they secured a record deal from local impresario Luther Campbell (known as Luke Campbell in Miami).

The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are went gold and was an instantaneous rap hit, but in 1990 was found offensive by a Florida judge, leading to arrests of record store owners for obscenity charges and detention of members from their crew for performing songs from it in nightclubs.

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